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I am a sucker for a good romantic film – my husband likes all the action type movies – so when i find a good wedding film supplier i don’t just watch one film. I usually sit in front of the computer and watch several with a snack, just like the movies.

This is what your wedding day film should be like. Not something that is saved on to a disk and watched once. It’s something that is to be watched over and over again to remind you of your commitment to your spouse on your wedding day and help you to re-commit your love to them each time you watch it.

Now these two companies and some of my favourite finds for the upcoming Gold Coast Wedding Festival this weekend. So much passion and drive oozing from their websites and social media pages that i can’t wait to see what they have in store for you on Fri-YAY night!


GoldBear selfie - Mic Goldbear selfie - Rich

Mike and Rich are mates, they have been forever. They have been putting their hand to creative projects for as long as they can remember, everything from painting murals & making websites to playing in bands (Mike did a 4 week tour when he was 16! getting snuck in the back door of venues to play). When they found themselves filming weddings for friends something clicked, and a long way down the track here they are… letting the BEAR roam.

GOLDBEAR creates narrative based wedding films. Artfully shot, creatively driven, to reflect a moment in time and making it last forever.
Their style is described as ‘loose and relaxed’. Rich says, ‘Cheezy wedding vids are just bad, so we take a filmic approach, looking for moments of colour, tone and real personality’.

They view a wedding video more like a partnership between you and them! Which basically means they like the couple to be a part of developing the creative approach, deciding on tone and mood, cool ideas to include etc. They have even structured the packages on offer to help couples feel more in control of their film and create a unique end product that reflects them.

So let the bear roam into your life and the possibilities are endless!




The young and vibrant team behind Universal York love being a part of the local creative community. Sharing the love is very important to them, which is why they donate 5% of all of their profits to charities to support those in needs #humansforhumans

They love quality people, good times and creating rad and unique things. They value quality over quantity, both in people and products.

Universal York are all about ‘collaborating’. Two minds are way better than one, and you as a couple are very much involved in the creative process of your wedding film when working with them. The heart behind every one of Universal York’s projects is to create something unique and inspiring, and above all have a good time while doing it!

They say ‘Life should be lived either (hell yeah!) or not at all’






Ready! And Action! – Wedding Films

I love wedding films and boy have they come a long way since i was married.  In fact i think i might be asking one of our vendors to edit my wedding “video” one day.

I absolutely love watching the wedding films of vendors who apply for our fairs and i am always on a roller coaster of emotions when i watch them. One minute i am grinning from ear to ear and then the next minute i’m crying like a baby and wanting to do my wedding all over again.

But for now i will gleefully sit back and watch the loved up couples – like yourselves – who are filmed by these talented folk.


Yellowbull Media - self

After graduating from film and audio at Uni, Marty and Kehra had dreams of working on big movie sets and fetching Reese Whitherspoon her lattes with hopes of moving up the ranks to become a director.

However, after Kehra shot her first few wedding films she was hooked and Marty soon joined her. Now their movies sets are where ever their couples choose to get married and Reese Whitherspoon is their “bride” and they would have it any other way.

They are creative artists, and when they edit a couples special day they don’t try to paint every wedding with the same brush. They make unique wedding films that are in line with a couples personalities, backgrounds and tastes.

Marty and Kehra are a young, fun loving couple who are building a life together doing what they love. You can’t go wrong with a film team who know about love and know how to capture it on camera.

Here’s a little sample of their work for you to enjoy:



Anchored Cinema is a group of friends and film makers whose collective goal is to change the way that wedding films are created. From doco style films that hurt to watch, to creative cinematic wedding films that you want to re-watch.

They are unique with skills in the field of antique super 8mm film and super digital 16mm cinema cameras to suit the aesthetic the bride and groom are after. You surely won’t have the same old run of the mill wedding film when this talented group of individuals are ones on the scene capturing your wedding day.



The thing about a wedding is it is one very special day that happens in your life. One single day that you want to remember forever.

There are many unique little things that you may not have seen or experienced because you were too involved in staring into the eyes of the one you love. That’s where having a film crew on hand is wonderful as they are your extra set of eyes. The joy after your wedding when you sit down and press play for the first time and get to experience it all over again can be a real tear jerker and something special you can relive over and over again.

We were able to have some of the finest Wedding Film makers at The Brisbane Wedding Fair. They know their way behind the camera. Many guests got to watch some of their previous couples captured on camera and image themselves in their shoes for their own up coming wedding day.


Milque 2milque 1 The crew behind Milque love to talk films. They are all highly trained and very professional. Their standards in quality are well above board and you can see it in every film they make.

From the filming to the editing they really do produce something special that makes you have goosebumps and the hairs stand up on your arms. They pride themselves on letting you know that your wedding day memories are in very capable hands and will last for generations to come.


This couple is so darn creative. We loved their set up at The Brisbane Wedding Fair and it make us stop and look many times.

One Day in Mind are all about the details, the finer details, the things that make you swoon and stop and stare. It’s exactly what they create when they get behind the camera to film your wedding day. Always looking for the unique and rare moments that stir our souls, they create films that you want watch over and over again.

one day in mind 2 one day in mind 3 one day in mind 4Head over to their vimeo account to check out just exactly what we are talking about. You won’t be sorry and may even shed a tear or two.

Image credits: When Elephant Met Zebra





Fancy Films

Nothing else captures the raw emotions of your wedding day like someone who is a whiz behind the video camera.

We know we can all record on our phones these days but to have a wedding professional edit your wedding day through moving images and music evokes an emotion that you and your future kiddies will never forget.

Introducing our VERY talented film vendors who will be excited to meet you at The Brisbane Wedding Fair:



When you view Milque wedding films it’s easy to lose yourself in the romance.

Professionally captured by experienced young and approachable cinematographers, Milque films are more than just a wedding video, their a beautifully captured account of all the special moments that made up your wedding day.

With a Milque film you can spend your life reliving your beautiful day time and time again.


It is very rare to have all the people you love in one place at the same time.

After Maria and Al from One Day in Mind had their wedding celebrations, they craved to have that feeling of intense exaltation of emotion again and wondered if it was possible to preserve it’s experience across space and time.


This couple produces fine films for fine folk. In 1000 years time when we have long left this place, it is ODIM’s hope is that they capture your wedding day to tell the tale of not just who you loved, but how you loved with honest authenticity.

Come and chat all things film and meet these fantastic teams who love what they do with a passion at The Brisbane Wedding Fair Jan 17th – The Old Museum 10-4pm.

Grab your tickets HERE to beat the crowds at the door fumbling with their loose change xx


Introducing our FILM STARS!



In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?

We make kick ass wedding films. We try to push our own creative boundaries at every wedding. Also, we are husbo and wifey.

What is it about weddings that you love so much?

We believe in marriage and it is such an emotional experience to be part of a couple’s day when they take the leap together and to witness the tangible love in the air. It sounds lame but it is so real. Delyse actually does cry at every wedding.

What do you do in your free time?

Family is very important to us so we spend a lot of our spare time with our son Israel going for bike rides, to the beach, the skate park.

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And that’s a wrap!

Did you come to A Darling Affair – Gold Coast on Friday 21 February at Rabbit + Cocoon?  If you did, then this news will be no surprise to you… but if you didn’t make it, then let me be the first to tell you how FREAKIN AWESOME it was!  Seriously, we had the best and most amazing venue, vendors, models, and what a turnout!


Right from the beginning of the day when our vendors were putting in their hard yards setting up their incredible sites, the atmosphere was electric.  We all knew something really special was about to go down.  We had trucks, minivans, cars and caravans rocking up from 10am that morning and there were ladders, power tools, trolley’s and trailers filling up the amazing venue that is Rabbit & Cocoon.

Come 5 o’clock and we already had a line-up of people waiting for the gates to open.  Our vendors had put the finishing touches on their incredible stalls and we opened the gates to get the party started!  With a glass of bubbles or a beer in one hand and a totes-amazing A Darling Affair tote in the other (thanks Peachy Flamingo!), the crowds started visiting the stalls of more than 40 of the freshest and most creative wedding vendors on the scene at the moment.  The crowds continued to flow through the gates all night.

Our awesome DJ, Aaron from Cut-A-Rug, provided the playlist for the evening and along with our live music acts including Sarah Head, the tone was set for a night of fun and frivolity!



Major highlights of the night included our four interactive fashion parades, made all the more enjoyable by our incredible models who were more than happy to join in the fun with the rest of our guests getting their pics snapped at our photo booths.  Thanks again to The Brides Market, Begitta, Bohemian Brides, Urbanna, The Beauty Case, Elina Valttila and our super amazing models!








The piñata smash was another highlight of the night!  Guests lined up to take a hit at the incredible piñata supplied by Party Pony.



And finally – the annual Dance Off was a huge success, with guests getting their dance on IN THE RAIN to win $300 off a DJ package with Cut-A-Rug.

By 10pm when we closed the gates, none of us could wipe the smile from our faces.  The evening was a huge success and we had received so much amazing feedback from Brides and Vendors, without whom, this event wouldn’t have happened.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, we have the BEST vendors, venues, models and Brides any Darling could ask for… thank you for being so amazing!

To see a little video wrap up, check out this sweet little video from When Elephant Met Zebra:

Thank you to the super talented When Elephant Met Zebra for all of our official event photos. 




























Introducing our FILM STARS!



In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?

We make kick ass wedding films. We try to push our own creative boundaries at every wedding. Also, we are husbo and wifey.

What is it about weddings that you love so much?

We believe in marriage and it is such an emotional experience to be part of a couple’s day when they take the leap together and to witness the tangible love in the air. It sounds lame but it is so real. Delyse actually does cry at every wedding.

What do you do in your free time?

Family is very important to us so we spend a lot of our spare time with our son Israel going for bike rides, to the beach, the skate park.




In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?

We are Martin and Kehra- partners in film and partners in life. Our passion is capturing beautiful and cinematic imagery, then cutting it together to tell a unique story and what story is more unique and beautiful than two people joining together for the rest of their lives? We have both been trained in the art of filmmaking and audio and bring our knowledge and creativity to each wedding we have the pleasure of filming.

What is the most unique thing you’ve seen at a wedding?

We have seen a few pretty interesting things. Brides dancing on tables. A bride and a groom jumping in water puddles as their marquee flooded (talk about making the best of a tricky situation). We’ve had a wedding that had a petting zoo and recently our first Jewish wedding where they lifted the couple up on chairs for their traditional Haka dance.

If you were a colour, which colour would you be, and why?

Yellow of course. It’s in our company’s name, happens to be my (Kehra) favourite colour and it’s a part of the man I loves name. Not to mention that it is such a pretty and happy colour.




In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?

First and foremost a husband. Then a gun slinging cinematographer and coffee drinking editor.

What do you do in your free time?

I’m a pretty normal guy, I love my family, travel, fishing and sports. In addition, what I do in the full time I also do as a part of my free time. I love photographing/filming the moments and saving the memories.

If you were a colour, which colour would you be, and why?

Teal and turquoise of the sea – as it is pure and pristine yet full of life.


Moose and co


In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?

Ever since I started making short films in 2006, I’ve loved the creative freedom that stop-motion offers. To make a stop-motion wedding video, I go to a wedding, with my DSLR camera, just like any normal wedding photographer—Only I take thousands of photos, and then edit them all together, to create the illusion of motion. Through use of stop motion, I can get really creative, and make unique, funny, and quirky videos that can’t be achieved through traditional wedding videography or photography. I take the charm from a beautiful wedding photo and the life that video brings, and I meld them together. The best of both worlds.

What do you do in your free time?

I write articles for various websites, including Your Friends House. I also write scripts for short films that I intend to film.

If you were a colour, which colour would you be, and why?

Brown. Because I like a lot of old-fashioned things that are brown. Laugh if you want. Most people think it’s a boring, ugly colour. Yes, it’s the colour of poo. I don’t care. I love vintage, brown leather. Brown shoes, brown chairs, brown cars, brown everything. Fun fact: My hair is also brown.


Head over to our Film Star’s websites to see some of their work in motion:   |   |   |


Liquid Ambitions – The Celebration Fair Vendor Feature


We having been waiting for this day to come. A Darling Affair finally gets to showcase  Liquid Ambitions at The Celebration Fair. Liquid Ambitions is just as excited as we are for the big day, March 16th.

So sit back and enjoy this story teller who is Luke. He has a tale to tell and does it in a unique way. Through his own eyes, in his own words:

“Every person has a unique story to be told. Yes that is right, you have a story to be told. For hundreds of years humans have told stories, even before we could speak stories were carved into walls and stone for many to read years later. It is written in our history and will always be a part of our future as we listen to stories in music, poems, speeches and see it in photographs, illustrations and of course film.

Your story should be told in the most interesting way. What is the most interesting way? Through film making.


Liquid Ambitions tells stories through the art of film making. Every time the record button is pressed we have a direction, a meaning and a story. Why? Because we make your story into a film so amazing your neighbour won’t want to stop watching.


Your event has it’s own story. Liquid Ambitions can create a film that depicts before the event, during the event or after the event. All three can also be combined to make one fantastic story. An example of this is the event of a wedding, we can create a save the date or engagement film to send all your family and friends, a wedding day film and a thank you for attending film.

Everyone has the potential to be a part of a film or even films, and no you do not need to be a professional actor, being you is the best part!

Below is a list of the stories Liquid Ambitions can turn into films, if your story is not listed do not panic, simply email us at

Romantic – Weddings , Engagements, Anniversaries, Valentines Day

Creative – Behind the scenes fashion shoots, Look Books, Model Portfolios

Business – Real Estate, Product Promotion, Commercial Advertisement, Business Events

Active – Sport Events, Sport Clubs/Associations, Gym Promotion, Health Promotion

Celebrating – Birth Announcements, Birthdays, Achievements, Graduation, Formals

Music – Film Clips, Live Music, Artist Stories, Album/ Track Promotion

A Darling Affair fell in love with this film Liquid Ambitions did for Gypsy Stone. Enjoy xxx