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Nothing else captures the raw emotions of your wedding day like someone who is a whiz behind the video camera.

We know we can all record on our phones these days but to have a wedding professional edit your wedding day through moving images and music evokes an emotion that you and your future kiddies will never forget.

Introducing our VERY talented film vendors who will be excited to meet you at The Brisbane Wedding Fair:



When you view Milque wedding films it’s easy to lose yourself in the romance.

Professionally captured by experienced young and approachable cinematographers, Milque films are more than just a wedding video, their a beautifully captured account of all the special moments that made up your wedding day.

With a Milque film you can spend your life reliving your beautiful day time and time again.


It is very rare to have all the people you love in one place at the same time.

After Maria and Al from One Day in Mind had their wedding celebrations, they craved to have that feeling of intense exaltation of emotion again and wondered if it was possible to preserve it’s experience across space and time.


This couple produces fine films for fine folk. In 1000 years time when we have long left this place, it is ODIM’s hope is that they capture your wedding day to tell the tale of not just who you loved, but how you loved with honest authenticity.

Come and chat all things film and meet these fantastic teams who love what they do with a passion at The Brisbane Wedding Fair Jan 17th – The Old Museum 10-4pm.

Grab your tickets HERE to beat the crowds at the door fumbling with their loose change xx


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