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I am a sucker for a good romantic film – my husband likes all the action type movies – so when i find a good wedding film supplier i don’t just watch one film. I usually sit in front of the computer and watch several with a snack, just like the movies.

This is what your wedding day film should be like. Not something that is saved on to a disk and watched once. It’s something that is to be watched over and over again to remind you of your commitment to your spouse on your wedding day and help you to re-commit your love to them each time you watch it.

Now these two companies and some of my favourite finds for the upcoming Gold Coast Wedding Festival this weekend. So much passion and drive oozing from their websites and social media pages that i can’t wait to see what they have in store for you on Fri-YAY night!


GoldBear selfie - Mic Goldbear selfie - Rich

Mike and Rich are mates, they have been forever. They have been putting their hand to creative projects for as long as they can remember, everything from painting murals & making websites to playing in bands (Mike did a 4 week tour when he was 16! getting snuck in the back door of venues to play). When they found themselves filming weddings for friends something clicked, and a long way down the track here they are… letting the BEAR roam.

GOLDBEAR creates narrative based wedding films. Artfully shot, creatively driven, to reflect a moment in time and making it last forever.
Their style is described as ‘loose and relaxed’. Rich says, ‘Cheezy wedding vids are just bad, so we take a filmic approach, looking for moments of colour, tone and real personality’.

They view a wedding video more like a partnership between you and them! Which basically means they like the couple to be a part of developing the creative approach, deciding on tone and mood, cool ideas to include etc. They have even structured the packages on offer to help couples feel more in control of their film and create a unique end product that reflects them.

So let the bear roam into your life and the possibilities are endless!




The young and vibrant team behind Universal York love being a part of the local creative community. Sharing the love is very important to them, which is why they donate 5% of all of their profits to charities to support those in needs #humansforhumans

They love quality people, good times and creating rad and unique things. They value quality over quantity, both in people and products.

Universal York are all about ‘collaborating’. Two minds are way better than one, and you as a couple are very much involved in the creative process of your wedding film when working with them. The heart behind every one of Universal York’s projects is to create something unique and inspiring, and above all have a good time while doing it!

They say ‘Life should be lived either (hell yeah!) or not at all’






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