The thing about a wedding is it is one very special day that happens in your life. One single day that you want to remember forever.

There are many unique little things that you may not have seen or experienced because you were too involved in staring into the eyes of the one you love. That’s where having a film crew on hand is wonderful as they are your extra set of eyes. The joy after your wedding when you sit down and press play for the first time and get to experience it all over again can be a real tear jerker and something special you can relive over and over again.

We were able to have some of the finest Wedding Film makers at The Brisbane Wedding Fair. They know their way behind the camera. Many guests got to watch some of their previous couples captured on camera and image themselves in their shoes for their own up coming wedding day.


Milque 2milque 1 The crew behind Milque love to talk films. They are all highly trained and very professional. Their standards in quality are well above board and you can see it in every film they make.

From the filming to the editing they really do produce something special that makes you have goosebumps and the hairs stand up on your arms. They pride themselves on letting you know that your wedding day memories are in very capable hands and will last for generations to come.


This couple is so darn creative. We loved their set up at The Brisbane Wedding Fair and it make us stop and look many times.

One Day in Mind are all about the details, the finer details, the things that make you swoon and stop and stare. It’s exactly what they create when they get behind the camera to film your wedding day. Always looking for the unique and rare moments that stir our souls, they create films that you want watch over and over again.

one day in mind 2 one day in mind 3 one day in mind 4Head over to their vimeo account to check out just exactly what we are talking about. You won’t be sorry and may even shed a tear or two.

Image credits: When Elephant Met Zebra





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