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I love wedding films and boy have they come a long way since i was married.  In fact i think i might be asking one of our vendors to edit my wedding “video” one day.

I absolutely love watching the wedding films of vendors who apply for our fairs and i am always on a roller coaster of emotions when i watch them. One minute i am grinning from ear to ear and then the next minute i’m crying like a baby and wanting to do my wedding all over again.

But for now i will gleefully sit back and watch the loved up couples – like yourselves – who are filmed by these talented folk.


Yellowbull Media - self

After graduating from film and audio at Uni, Marty and Kehra had dreams of working on big movie sets and fetching Reese Whitherspoon her lattes with hopes of moving up the ranks to become a director.

However, after Kehra shot her first few wedding films she was hooked and Marty soon joined her. Now their movies sets are where ever their couples choose to get married and Reese Whitherspoon is their “bride” and they would have it any other way.

They are creative artists, and when they edit a couples special day they don’t try to paint every wedding with the same brush. They make unique wedding films that are in line with a couples personalities, backgrounds and tastes.

Marty and Kehra are a young, fun loving couple who are building a life together doing what they love. You can’t go wrong with a film team who know about love and know how to capture it on camera.

Here’s a little sample of their work for you to enjoy:



Anchored Cinema is a group of friends and film makers whose collective goal is to change the way that wedding films are created. From doco style films that hurt to watch, to creative cinematic wedding films that you want to re-watch.

They are unique with skills in the field of antique super 8mm film and super digital 16mm cinema cameras to suit the aesthetic the bride and groom are after. You surely won’t have the same old run of the mill wedding film when this talented group of individuals are ones on the scene capturing your wedding day.


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