Liquid Ambitions – The Celebration Fair Vendor Feature


We having been waiting for this day to come. A Darling Affair finally gets to showcase  Liquid Ambitions at The Celebration Fair. Liquid Ambitions is just as excited as we are for the big day, March 16th.

So sit back and enjoy this story teller who is Luke. He has a tale to tell and does it in a unique way. Through his own eyes, in his own words:

“Every person has a unique story to be told. Yes that is right, you have a story to be told. For hundreds of years humans have told stories, even before we could speak stories were carved into walls and stone for many to read years later. It is written in our history and will always be a part of our future as we listen to stories in music, poems, speeches and see it in photographs, illustrations and of course film.

Your story should be told in the most interesting way. What is the most interesting way? Through film making.


Liquid Ambitions tells stories through the art of film making. Every time the record button is pressed we have a direction, a meaning and a story. Why? Because we make your story into a film so amazing your neighbour won’t want to stop watching.


Your event has it’s own story. Liquid Ambitions can create a film that depicts before the event, during the event or after the event. All three can also be combined to make one fantastic story. An example of this is the event of a wedding, we can create a save the date or engagement film to send all your family and friends, a wedding day film and a thank you for attending film.

Everyone has the potential to be a part of a film or even films, and no you do not need to be a professional actor, being you is the best part!

Below is a list of the stories Liquid Ambitions can turn into films, if your story is not listed do not panic, simply email us at

Romantic – Weddings , Engagements, Anniversaries, Valentines Day

Creative – Behind the scenes fashion shoots, Look Books, Model Portfolios

Business – Real Estate, Product Promotion, Commercial Advertisement, Business Events

Active – Sport Events, Sport Clubs/Associations, Gym Promotion, Health Promotion

Celebrating – Birth Announcements, Birthdays, Achievements, Graduation, Formals

Music – Film Clips, Live Music, Artist Stories, Album/ Track Promotion

A Darling Affair fell in love with this film Liquid Ambitions did for Gypsy Stone. Enjoy xxx

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