The Great Outdoors

One of the first things on the list when planning a wedding is “WHERE?” – where will you get married, where will you hold the reception? Booking your venue has always been right up there around #1 on the priority list.

Except, what if you just don’t? What if you don’t book a venue….what if you go without a venue? Well then you would be outside….hmmm outside….YES! Outside! Great idea.

Outdoor weddings are very popular right now, that’s not to say that our brides and grooms are forfeiting the finer details – they are simply taking them outdoors. And it looks A-MAZE-ING. So where outside? You might find a farm with a kindly farmer willing to let you use their property, or a local park, a secluded beach, or even your very own backyard; or for the best of both worlds you might find a fantastic venue that not only has indoor space but is also set on acreage or has fabulous lawns.

The key when heading outside, is not to forgo comfort – don’t leave your guests exposed or uncomfortable; but otherwise the possibilities are endless. You could make use of foliage for shelter, or a marquee. As for seating, you could use a set of mismatched chairs, bring the couches outside, you could go with hay bails, or even picnic rugs.

But without further a-do, here are a bunch of inspirational images for you to sink your nature-loving teeth into, and get your mind headed down the outdoor track. We’ll kick off with a few images of the lawn at our Gold Coast event, featuring Marquees contributed by Add-on Hire – and then of course the real-wedding images we all love!

Our Fair

our fai


Photo Credits: Dear & Tine Photography, KiSSstudio, Aaron Shum Photography, Ryder Evans Photography, Jennifer Oliphant

Our Sunshine Coast Wedding Fair will be a great place to scope out some inspiration for your outdoor wedding, with outdoor styling to take your breath away and an outdoor ceremony setting for you to enjoy whilst playing spectator at our two fashion parades. August 10th at The Chapel Woombye, tickets are on sale now – prepurchase them online to bring a guest for FREE, and automatically register for vendor door prizes.

Sleeves are back!

At A Darling Affair we LOVE sleeves!

Especially for this time of year! Bbbbrrrrrrr!!!! But the sleeve can do wonders for you when you slip into your dream wedding dress.

Lets talk about what the sleeve can do. A sleeve can:

– Add an element of drama to a gown.

– Soften broad shoulders or if you have issues with how your arms look.

– Hide tan lines from swimmers making it unnecessary to get that yucky fake tan job (which could end up disastrous).

– Help you with awesome moves on the dance floor when you definitely don’t want to be popping out of your strapless dress.

– Is reason to show off that beautiful lace that covers your entire dress on your sheer skin. Often many times in photo’s the lace doesn’t show (white on white).

Here are two of the amazing wedding dress suppliers who will be exhibiting at The Sunshine Coast Wedding fair on August 10th.

Marilyn Crystelle Bridal – One of our official sponsors for the big event.

mc woombye 2

marilyn crystelle montville

marilyn crystelle full back

Made With Love – Unique Bridal Collection

katie dress

ally dress

grace dress

Never fear though if you love to show off your sweet shoulders and your natural skin these designers also do strapless gowns. So come see them on display at the fair!

Buy your tickets HERE for a great day out with some of your girly friends!

Images: Dear & Tine Photography – our official sponsor, Karen Buckle Photography, Artography, Infinity Faith Photography.

All that GLITTERS is GOLD…

So, we have a not-so-secret obsession with GOLD at darling HQ. Carrie & I love glittery gold, shiny gold, antique gold, paint-dipped gold….yes we love gold.

We are not alone in our love, gold currently features in many a wedding colour palette. Paired against pastels or brights, gold is incredibly versatile and really lifts the overall visual effect of your table setting or stationery. Gold is not only a feast for your eyes, but for the tastebuds as well, working its way into cake artistry and sweet tables. It has also been a favourite to add a touch of warmth and glow to your bridal makeup, and an added touch of glamour to your bridal accessories.

Speaking of gold…it’s less than a month until our GOLD COAST WEDDING FAIR! June 22nd at The Abbey, Cobaki. Be sure to grab your tickets before online ticketing closes on June 15th to bring a friend for free!

See you then!

Em xxx

Beautiful Blooms

Let me tell you a story about me – Carrie.

I love flowers! As a young girl i used to explore my grandma’s wild overgrown garden. I loved watching the seasons change in her garden. I remember putting together little bouquets and pretending that i was getting married. I was in my own little world whilst my brothers were bashing through the scrub and climbing trees.

I shared my love of flowers with my husband to be and we hit the flower markets the day before our wedding and his eyes lit up with the variety of flowers that were on display. It was a cold wet Sydney morning but i loved that his eyes were opened to a whole new world of beauty.

The last stop was back at my Grandma’s garden to add the sentimental touches to my bouquet. This was the day i dreamt off as a little girl.

alex & carrie kissAs seasons change so do the style of bouquets. My bouquet mean’t something to me so make sure you convey that to your florist. Create something beautiful that reflects YOU, where you came from and your surroundings.

Here are some images from some talented florists who will be at both our wedding fairs.

julia rose bouquet blossom & twine willow bud willow bud white blossom & twine purpleginger lily and rosetwig & blossomCome see these beautiful ladies and their beautiful blooms at our wedding fairs.

Gold Coast Wedding Fair – June 22nd: Wedding Flowers by Julia Rose, Blossom & Twine.

Sunshine Coast Wedding Fair – August 10th: Willow Bud, Ginger Lily & Rose Floral Studio, Twig & Blossom

Wedding Flowers by Julia Rose will be collaborating her wonderful skills with Fresh Honey Weddings to style the Gold Coast Wedding Fair. Surely a sight not to be missed!

Buy your tickets here:

Photo credits: Boots Photography, Kirra Sun Photography, This is Peculiar, Brit Emma Photography


I appreciate the little things in life. The little things that spark a memory and creates a feeling. A smell, a written word, an object.

I love that objects are a sign of affection between a husband and wife or makes you think of one another when you are not together through out the day.

They are also a great keepsakes for you to hand down from generation to generation.

Here are a collection of sentimental items from real brides and grooms.

perfumewooden heartyou & me

wedding tree





Images: Figtree Pictures Wedding Photography, Boots Photography, KissStudio, Alyce & Colette

Meet all these talented photographers at The Gold Coast Wedding Fair June 22nd so they can help you capture those sentimental moments and tell your unique story through photos.

Buy your tickets here:

Face Off – Veil versus Wreath

Veil Versus Wreath

When planning my wedding, I made a firm decision – NO VEIL. Well, fairly firm, sort of firm….okay hubby wanted a veil so I folded and ended up with a veil. His reasoning was that you’re not really a bride without a veil, and I was in love, so in the end I didn’t really care either way.

Me 2007 3

So many things have changed since 2007 in wedding industry trends, one is the departure from a traditional veil.

Floral wreaths in particular have taken the bridal scene by force – and I LOVE it. They are so care-free and whimsical, and yet sometimes so incredibly lavish and indulgent. There’s barely a bridal shoot without a wreath, and some may wonder – is the veil done and dusted? Enter the stunning vintage style, full-length veils that are now re-emerging. With delicate vintage lace and embroidered details, and stunning capped styles – veils are far from outdated.

So what do you think? Veil versus Wreath? My vote, wreath…yes, if I could go back I would walk down the aisle with a crown of flowers.

Or maybe you would choose a different style of head piece altogether. Choices…choices….

Em xx

Photographers: James Frost, Dear & Tine, Emily Louise, Florido Weddings

Chalkboarding – Not just for kids

I always loved chalking up the driveway as a kid. I still occassionally write a love message or a ‘welcome home’ to my husband just outside our front door.

It’s envokes a personal touch to me. The handwritten, raw, rustic and the stroke of an artists hand.

So chalkboarding has made it onto the tables at weddings and it has become an art form for the talented person who can master the dusty lines.

Chalkboards are great because you can use it again and again after your big day for party’s and shin digs. A great investment.

Enjoy the simple black and white!

Carrie xx

find your seat


find your seat heart boards

pick a seat



Credits: Boots Photography, Fresh Honey Wedding Styling, Figtree Pictures Wedding Photography, Senna Jean Designs, Down Bangalow Road Photography.

Things we love – Pretty Paper Awash with Colour

I have not-so-secret obsession with paper. All kinds, all colours, all textures, all patterns – LOVE them ALL. So naturally, it was only a matter of time before I shared my favourite trends in wedding stationery. There are four design elements that I am digging right now:

1. Watercolour

2. Caligraphy

3. Pinks

5. Yellows

And here are some of my favourite stationery suites to tickle your fancy, each with some or all of these key elements.

You’ll be able to see some of this stationery in person at our Gold Coast Wedding Fair on June 22nd. We will be joined by both Sunshine & Confetti and With Love Stationery & Design.

You’re starting to develop a little paper obsession too aren’t you? It’s okay, your secret is safe with me….I’ll be satisfying your paper crave again soon – don’t you worry.

Em xx

Things We Love – Pull up a chair…

fresh honey loungeOK so I’m just going to put it out there….I’m not a big fan of chair covers and big bows.

I personally haven’t had the opportunity to sit on one at a wedding (not that I can remember). Just by looking at them I think “Oh my gosh I would probably slip off that silky chair cover or spill a liquid of some sorts on it”.

A lovely chair is a great crowd gatherer. Make your guests comfortable.They will be sitting on that chair through your Aunty Jo’s long speech!

If your the bride and groom don’t forget to spoil yourself with the “royal” chairs. You are the king and queen of a wedding day. Live it up!

So sit back and relax in your chair and take a look at these:





peacock chairs



For more seating inspiration click here: Pull up a Chair

Have a lovely day! I’m off to find a comfy chair to sink into…

Carrie x

Styling: Fresh Honey & The Red Cherry Styling Co.

Photography: Dear & Tine Angie Branch Photography, Down Bangalow Road, Greg Mace Photographer, Alyce & Collette

Things we love – Fanciful Feathers

Feather on Ground text

There’s a strong boho-vibe in the wedding industry at present and along with that we’ve noticed an emergence of feathery details. I’ve always had a “thing” for feathers; I would often be found sketching feathers in my notebooks when I should have been taking notes. There is just something so whimsical about their delicate, floaty nature; something so day-dreamy about them – it’s easy to get carried away. Maybe it’s that dreaminess that makes them such a welcomed addition to a wedding celebration.

Kicking off with stationery, add that extra detail and texture with a feather – much like these designs from Gemma Lauren InvitationsGemma Lauren Invitation

[Photo by Anna Gilbert Photography]

Or create a more dramatic bouquet by incorporating some stunning plumes…Feather Bouqet

[Bouquet by Lavish Floral Design, Photography By Dear & Tine]

Add some finer details to your centrepieces by placing feathers in vases,

Feathers in vase

[Styling by Fresh Honey Weddings, Photography by Dear & Tine]

Or take the boho-vibe that step further with some dream-catchers…Alyce and Collette Dreamcatcher

[Styling by Cherry Red Styling Co., Photography by Alyce & Colette]

I absolutely adore the boho-luxe golden feather embellishments on this cake by Rebellyous Cake Co.Rebellyous Cake Co

[Photography by Down Bangalow Road]

And last but certainly not least, by way of Bridal accessories ask your florist to incorporate feathers in your floral wreath…Lavish - head piece

[Wreath by Lavish Floral Design, Photography by Dear & Tine]

Or absolutely indulge your fancy for feathers with this stunning “Maine” head piece, created by Heidi of Shut the Front Door.maine - shut the front door head piece

[Photography by Karen Buckle]

All these feathers are leaving me little light headed, and certainly light hearted! I hope they’ve lifted your spirits and send you floating away with some inspiration for you big day.

Emily xxx