Face Off – Veil versus Wreath

Veil Versus Wreath

When planning my wedding, I made a firm decision – NO VEIL. Well, fairly firm, sort of firm….okay hubby wanted a veil so I folded and ended up with a veil. His reasoning was that you’re not really a bride without a veil, and I was in love, so in the end I didn’t really care either way.

Me 2007 3

So many things have changed since 2007 in wedding industry trends, one is the departure from a traditional veil.

Floral wreaths in particular have taken the bridal scene by force – and I LOVE it. They are so care-free and whimsical, and yet sometimes so incredibly lavish and indulgent. There’s barely a bridal shoot without a wreath, and some may wonder – is the veil done and dusted? Enter the stunning vintage style, full-length veils that are now re-emerging. With delicate vintage lace and embroidered details, and stunning capped styles – veils are far from outdated.

So what do you think? Veil versus Wreath? My vote, wreath…yes, if I could go back I would walk down the aisle with a crown of flowers.

Or maybe you would choose a different style of head piece altogether. Choices…choices….

Em xx

Photographers: James Frost, Dear & Tine, Emily Louise, Florido Weddings