Things We Love – Pull up a chair…

fresh honey loungeOK so I’m just going to put it out there….I’m not a big fan of chair covers and big bows.

I personally haven’t had the opportunity to sit on one at a wedding (not that I can remember). Just by looking at them I think “Oh my gosh I would probably slip off that silky chair cover or spill a liquid of some sorts on it”.

A lovely chair is a great crowd gatherer. Make your guests comfortable.They will be sitting on that chair through your Aunty Jo’s long speech!

If your the bride and groom don’t forget to spoil yourself with the “royal” chairs. You are the king and queen of a wedding day. Live it up!

So sit back and relax in your chair and take a look at these:





peacock chairs



For more seating inspiration click here: Pull up a Chair

Have a lovely day! I’m off to find a comfy chair to sink into…

Carrie x

Styling: Fresh Honey & The Red Cherry Styling Co.

Photography: Dear & Tine Angie Branch Photography, Down Bangalow Road, Greg Mace Photographer, Alyce & Collette

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