Vendor Info Evening… a little venue sneak peek…

Hello Darlings!

On Friday 31 January, a lot of our amazing vendors made the trip to the incredible Rabbit and Cocoon to meet each other, and gather some info on how things will run at our fast approaching Wedding Festival (get your tickets here!).

When we saw the photos that Brian from When Elephant Met Zebra took on the night, we just HAD to share them with you.

Seriously… just look at how cool this venue is.  We can’t wait to welcome you all on Friday 21 February… actually, we can hardly contain our excitement!!!












Introducing our PHOTOGRAPHERS!



In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?

Wild & Free Wedding Photography & Photo Booths.

We created WEMZ for the fun, romantic & creative people out there.

We love to play, love to dream and love to create the impossible.

WEMZ is a passionate collective of dreamers who know how to cut through the clutter and capture a rare and special moment.

Our specially crafted photo booths are a fun place where people can be wild, be free, be whoever they want to be.

What is it about weddings that you love so much?

We LOVE being apart of such happy and joyous occasions. A day full or happy beautiful people all dressed up and ready to boogie, what more could you want.

We especially LOVE weddings with amazing creativity which creates an atmosphere that we just cant get enough of.

What do you do in your free time?

Travel, take pictures while on travel, play with animals, watch movies at home while snacking.


Adam Ward


What is the most unique thing you’ve seen at a wedding?

Late last year I shot a wedding where the couple whispered their vows into each others ears so only they could hear what was being said. It’s the first time I’ve seen the vows done that way and I thought it was pretty special. There was something more intimate and personal about it.

What do you do in your free time?

I have 2 year old twins so between looking after them and running my business free time is a scarce commodity but when I can I like to head to the beach for a surf otherwise it’s just hanging with my family.

If you were a colour, which colour would you be, and why?

“Happy Days” blue by Dulux how could you go wrong with a name like that.


Prue Franzmann Pic


In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?

In a nutshell – I’m a gal that loves LOVE!! Capturing people when they are in love is unlike any other form of photography to me. When you look at an image and you can feel the emotion that a couple have, which is what makes me fall in love with LOVE at every single wedding I capture and Iove that I get to give clients artwork emotionally charged like that!

What is it about weddings that you love so much?

Again, the emotion that people have at a wedding is priceless. Not just the couple… the parents, the grandparents, the long time family friend and the best friends, they are all invested in that coupled relationship and capturing the moments they don’t see is a big part of being an amazing wedding photographer.

If you were a colour, which colour would you be, and why?

If I had to choose a colour that best described me as a photographer I would probably choose black. During a large portion of the wedding day I’m like a photo ninja moving from place to place to capture things that the couple, or others, might miss. Its my job to best photograph the story of a couples wedding day so I have to be stealth in getting to the right place at the right time J….
Prue “photo ninja” Franzmann!!!


Figtree Pictures 


What is it about weddings that you love so much?

I love the fact that no two Weddings are the same. Essentially I am working in a different place, every day. I absolutely love that.

I love seeing two people madly in love, and watching all of happy friends and family sharing their joy. I honestly still shed tears behind my camera during the beautiful moments throughout the day.

What is the most unique thing you’ve seen at a wedding?

The most unique thing I have seen would have to have been at one of my very first Weddings. The bride decided to ride up the aisle on her cruiser bicycle!

If you were a colour, which colour would you be, and why?

It would have to be yellow. Bright, happy and a little unique.


Josie Richardson-3


What is the most unique thing you’ve seen at a wedding?

One of the first weddings I photographed was in the garden of a beautiful home in Byron Bay. Being that it was in the height of summer, it rained most of the day but that didn’t stop people from participating in the event just as they would’ve had it been sunny. The ceremony took place in the rain, band played on and everyone danced in the rain, and when they weren’t dancing, eating or laughing, people went for a swim in the pool. The groom’s shirt was wet and the bride’s dress was covered in mud but no one really fussed too much about how they were looking, they just concentrated on having lots of fun despite dripping from head to toe.

What do you do in your free time?

When I’m able to put aside time for fun I love to go camping in the bush somewhere or visit family or friends who live out of town. If it’s just a smaller amount of time then going to the movies with my son, which is not often these days as he’s a teenager now, or friends, or just going for bite to eat is the most rewarding thing to do when I have free time.

If you were a colour, which colour would you be, and why?

Probably blue because it makes me feel peaceful and is the colour of the ocean which I love to be in. When I’m floating in the ocean or a river it’s completely relaxing and the feeling of weightlessness makes me imagine what it might be like to be flying, and let’s face it, I don’t have wings!




In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?

I am Max Power and I am the worlds most awesome photo booth. The end.

What is the most unique thing you’ve seen at a wedding?

Aside from me? Aside from all the guests  playing bingo at the reception? Aside from a bridesmaid losing a tooth whilst doing “the worm”? Aside from guests carving meat at the table whilst wearing rabbit masks? I don’t know… our weddings are pretty boring…

What do you do in your free time?

Get more awesome. And drink scotch.


To see more work from our amazing photographers, be sure to visit their websites:   |   |   |   |   |


Introducing our STYLISTS!

Copyright Boots Photography


What is it about weddings that you love so much?

When we meet with our couples, listen to their ideas, throw in some of ours and together we create a KILLER unique wedding day.

What is the most unique thing you’ve seen at a wedding?

A ceremony that took place in a roundabout. Yes it was sort of a park, but it was still a roundabout. Absolutely unique!

What do you do in your free time?

Ha free time! We love what we do and we do what we love, so work and me time kind of happens all the time. Time with the family, gorgeous little nieces and nephews and quality time with friends is always a top priority though.


The Collector & Co - A Darling Affair


In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do

The Collector and Co is a boutique wedding and event styling company who specialize in designing and producing timeless events tailored to your every need.  We offer a unique range of furniture and props for your wedding, corporate or social event.  Our vast collection of hire items offers varied styles from modern vintage, French country, rustic elegance to bohemian luxe.  We are obsessed with the industry and love what we do!

What is the most unique thing you’ve seen at a wedding?

We came across an image of a barn wedding in France with the entire ceiling covered in lush foliage and vintage chandeliers.  There wasn’t an inch left uncovered.  It looked absolutely breathtaking.

If you were a colour, which colour would you be, and why?

We would be duckegg blue.  This colour is one of trust, honesty and loyalty.  It hates confrontation and likes to do things in its own way.  From a colour psychology prospective, blue is responsible and reliable.  It exhibits an inner security and confidence.  You can rely on it to take control and do the right thing in difficult times.


Retro in the Rough - A Darling Affair


In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?

Our passion is to bring a little retro to the everyday. To borrow, or to buy, retro in the rough offers an eclectic range of furniture, styling props, collectables and little retro oddities catering for all budgets. Whether it’s “that big special day”, your creative work day, or just a stock standard day, we have a handpicked selection of pieces, that are bound to enliven your home, event, or photo shoot.

What is it about weddings that you love so much?

As an interior designer I love nothing more than to throw around  ideas with loved up couples on how we can help create a unique, hand crafted feel for their special day, that’s is anything but ordinary. The day is always filled with so much love and positive energy being shared by family and friends, and we just love being able to contribute to that.

If you were a colour, which colour would you be, and why?

Pantone 353….. haha no seriously there are so many beautiful colours in the world I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to just one!



Kelly Photo 1



In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?

Lovestruck is a hire and styling company catering to those who want something a little bit different. We have big pieces as well as lots of little touches to make your event special.  We pride ourselves on trying to stay unique and have lots in store for 2014, so watch this space!

What is it about weddings that you love so much?

To me weddings are all about celebrating love and having a great shindig with friends and loved ones.  Seriously, what’s better than that?  It’s generally the one event in a couple’s life where they to go all out.  And that doesn’t have to mean cost wise – it could be getting crafty and DIY.  We love a good party.  It’s such a fun time and shouldn’t ever be stressful!

If you were a colour, which colour would you be, and why?

This is almost impossible for me to choose!  I like colours that have punch and make a statement.  I’d try to convince you to let me be a colour combo, but if that doesn’t work I’d probably go for chartreuse or fuchsia.

For more inspiration, be sure to visit the websites of our darling stylists:    |   |   |


Introducing our Celebrants!

We have got 3 amazing Celebrants lined up for you all to meet at our 2014 Gold Coast Wedding Festival.  To help you get to know them ahead of time, we asked them to fill out a little questionnaire… see their answers below:

Benjamin Carlyle

Benjamin Carlyle

In a nutshell, who are you and what do you do?
A young male Civil Marriage Celebrant who provides custom wedding ceremonies. Helping couples resonate with their unique vibes to create a fresh, funky and creative wedding ceremony. My skills as a performing artist add flair and confidence to the most important ceremony of your life.

What is the most unique thing you’ve seen at a wedding?
The 1 year old Paige Boy getting down an outdoor aisle in an electric car to the tune “Driving around in my auto-mobile”. Classic.

If you were a colour, which colour would you be, and why?
I would be blue. Blue is confident, refreshing, cool, ocean/ sky, life giving, blue suede shoes, blue eyes.

Candice Wilson

Candice Wilson

What is it about weddings that you love so much?
I feel very privileged to be apart of such an important day for the bride and groom and their families. It’s great to meet such an elective mix of couples and hear their story while helping them plan their day.

What do you do in your free time?
When I’m not working I paint, read and hang out with my family.

If you were a colour, which colour would you be, and why?
Orange, because I drink too much carrot juice!

Marriage Celebrant AliAli Hall (Marriage Celebrant Ali)

What is it about weddings that you love so much?
I have always cried at weddings.  I get an overwhelming emotion that builds up.  All the happiness, love and positivity that flows on a couple’s wedding day.  If we could bottle and sell the energy that a wedding creates the world would be a much more loving, positive and happy place.

What do you do in your free time?
I have 2 little girls, Poppy and Winnie who seem to keep me busy in my spare time these days.  We enjoy going on adventures to the forests, parks and beaches, experiencing new things together.  When the girls are sleeping or busy themselves I enjoy sewing, painting furniture, craft, gardening, op shopping, yoga and snuggling with my Beau. And if I ever have time I love to roller skate!

If you were a colour, which colour would you be, and why?
Oooo… This is a tricky one.  Anyone that knows me knows that I am a pretty colourful gal.  If I can’t be a rainbow I would choose green as it is the colour that represents your heart chakra. Where harmony, equanimity, compassion, trust, loving relationships come from!

The well-groomed gentleman…

And now for something different – Hello to all you Mr’s-to-be, yes I’m talking to you gentlemen. The time has come, for you to stand beside your bride in full, fashionable, splendour. Gone are the days of the quick-hire simple black suit. It’s time to suit up, and be “better than the Gap” – thank you Ryan Gosling. In 2013 we’ve seen grooms rise to the occasion in colour unbridled, ties in all shapes and colours, and shoes even women would swoon over. This trend is sure to continue in 2014 as fashion savvy misters get braver and bolder in their wedding fashion selections.

A Darling Affair proudly presents our sponsor – Urbbana, the brainchild and fashion-forward label of the fabulously talented designer, Sam Abi.

Urbbana 6

Sam’s work has been featured in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, frequents in GQ magazine and is available to Australian grooms (and generally stylish men) in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth – and of course in Brisbane, at the Portside Wharf. But here’s the latest good news, Urbbana has opened its newest store right in the heart of our beloved Gold Coast, beneath the Hilton.

Urbbana’s collection is vibrant, sharp and luxurious, featuring the finest fabrics and stitching. You will find everything a groom will need by the way of accessories, including shoes, in store. Of course there is also the option of custom made suits, from the finest European fabrics – the possibilities are endless.

We are excited to showcase Urbbana in it’s debut into the Queensland wedding market at our Gold Coast Wedding Festival – hosted at Rabbit + Cocoon on February 21st. As Ron Burgandy, a man of style who loves a good suit would say – you stay classy gentlemen,

Em xx

Photo credits: Images supplied by Urbbana

The Brides Market… a very cool concept!

Last night, two thirds of the A Darling Affair team had the pleasure of seeing Brisbane’s newest bridal concept come to life in front of our eyes.  The Brides Market is the vision of Jennifer Gifford (yep, the same talented lady who brings us those divine bridal gowns!) and is a bit of a one stop shop for brides.  Our feedback from the evening?  It’s AMAZING!  This place is a must see for brides and vendors alike, there are separate sections of the store set aside to showcase different vendors, along with a gorgeous fitting room to try on some spectacular gowns and a really cool space for meetings.

This is a wonderful new way for brides to plan their special day and for vendors to showcase their work in a beautiful, creative retail space. Part bridal boutique, part wedding emporium and part industry hub in a seamlessly integrated space.  It’s located on Logan Road in Woolloongabba which is a really cute precinct with lots of cool cafes and restaurants nearby.

It’s open every day, so you can pop in and look at all things pretty at a time that suits you, and if that wasn’t enough, they’re also hosting Sunday markets once a month and Thursday evening flower and food markets!   We are in love.  Do yourselves a favour darlings and check this one out.

20131202_184623_resized 20131202_184724_resized 20131202_184812_resized 20131202_185327_resized 20131202_185332_resized The Brides Market - A Darling Affair


The Year of Colour!

2013 saw the introduction of some beautiful colour to the traditional white wedding gown.  We saw all shades of champagne, blush pink and floral gowns make a splash on the wedding scene and we loved it!

Our local dressmakers are really making a mark with their flair and passion for technique, style and colour.

Take our very own Begitta – Bridal & Couture for example and this amazing lavender gown which she released this year.

Or the crazy talented Jennifer Gifford Designs and her gorgeous floral piece.

This beauty from Wendy Makin has also caught our attention this year.

We think Brides are going to get even more adventurous in 2014 and are officially calling it the “Year of Colour”.   We can see a lot of pastel watercolour along with the continuation of floral in wedding gowns coming our way. What a beautiful way to let your personality shine through on your wedding day.

– Emma xxx

Photo credits: Begitta – Beth Mitchell Photography, Jennifer Gifford – Florido Weddings, Wendy Makin – Jennifer Oliphant Photographer

Saving The Planet… One Invite At A Time!

We are lovers of the Earth here at ADA and it’s awesome to see ethical, nature loving wedding suppliers doing their bit to help preserve this place we call home.

Whether it’s recycled, up-cycled, handmade or home grown we love to see what can be done with leftovers that other people may have just thrown away.

As more people become aware of their carbon footprint we’re also noticing our Bride’s making more of a conscious effort to go “green” with their wedding choices.  And going green doesn’t mean giving up on quality, quite the opposite actually!

Take Maytide for example.  The result of using recycled materials, coupled with boutique craftsmanship, result simple clean designs and superior quality workmanship.  Classy and kind to the planet, go Maytide!

Maytide 2

Maytide 3If you’re looking for more ways to have a planet-friendly-party then let us know!  There are lots of awesome suppliers on the coast who make a big effort to reduce their carbon footprint and we’d love to send some your way.


The Blushing Bride

Pink Pink Pink!

Well I have to admit, it’s never been my favourite colour – and in a house full of boys, it’s a rarity around here. But when it comes to weddings – right now I simply can’t go past the blushing hues, in all their tones and varieties. A colour that sparks thoughts of romance, love and femininity. Soft or bold, warm or cool – pink is certainly “in” right now.

Currently, softer pinks are most popular when paired with gold, or mint. You’ll also find pops of pink against orange, yellow and red. But if you think about it, there’s a pink hue to be paired-up with any colour you can imagine; and you can feature it in just about any element of your big day.


You might have noticed that our latest event branding is awash with pink – no doubt you’ll find pops of pink around the place at our fair in just a couple of weeks! August 10th, at The Chapel Woombye. We’re sure our darling day will leave you tickled pink. Be sure to grab your tickets online for our 2-for-1 deal!

Have a lovely week!

Em xxx

Breathtaking Backdrops

Let’s set the scene of two lovers soon to become one. To the alter the bride would traditionally walk to gaze into the eyes of the one she loves and there connects for the first time to be husband and wife.

It may sound theatrical, but really it is. People well up with emotions and grin from ear to ear for this joyous occasion. Families come together and unite through love.

We present to you what was the simple alter with a few minor decorating touches or a full blown creation. The “backdrop” now sets the scene………….


Style Le Aisle


Aaron Shum Photography – styling by Wholehearted Studio


The beauty and rawness of our land – KISSstudio


Rustic love


A touch of class with a chandelier- (The real life bride and groom behind KISSstudio!)


Boots Photography

AND Here’s a sneak peek into the future of a wonderful venue opening up on the Sunshine Coast. The Lakehouse. You can get married on site and with glorious shots of the lake behind.


The Lakehouse is due to open in September and we are a tad bit excited! (insert squeal here!!!)

This beautiful shot was taken by Images by Lou O’Brien

Last but not least our beautiful location for The Sunshine Coast Wedding Fair 2013. The gorgeous The Chapel – Woombye.


Styled by our amazing dream team: Style Le Aisle, Dear & Tine PhotographyWillow bud, Marilyn Crystelle Bridal, Natalie Hunter Makeup, Altered Images Hair & Beauty.

You can meet all these amazing vendors mentioned at the Sunshine Coast Wedding Fair August 10th.

**Limited time to buy your tickets online and bring a friend for free.**

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