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What kind of couples do you like to photograph?

My name is Ryder and i photograph rad couples in love. I’m an all day wedding photographer which means you have me from as early as you like, until you leave the reception. By the end of the day i feel like a guest and that’s pretty damn sweet. I guess it says a lot about the couples i shoot. They’re so welcoming.

What does your camera love to capture on a wedding day?

I’m all about capturing the honest, unscripted moments between you and your partner, your family and friends. Well that and those crazy moments on the d-floor!

What is the most unique thing you’ve seen at a wedding?

I shot a wedding in Singapore and it spanned across three days. The first day was a Serbian Archery Ceremony (the groom is Serbian), where the groom has to shoot an apple with a bow and arrow to prove his worth. The second day was the actual wedding. The bride and groom had portraits with a roaming snake charmer – it was crazy! After the reception we ended up heading to a night club and partied into the wee hours of the morning. The next day we met up to take bridal portraits. It was such an epic experience.



Tell us a bit about yourself…

Brian (Elephant Dreamer) and Sheena (Little Zebra Heart) and we created WEMZ for the fun, romantic and creative people out there. We love to play, love to dream, and love to create the impossible.

WEMZ is a passionate collective of dreamers, yes we have other animals, who know how to cut through the clutter and capture a rare and special moment.

The most exciting thing you have experienced at a wedding?

I’ve got a wedding coming up which i’ll be skydiving with the groomsmen down to the ceremony on the beach. Can’t wait!!!

If you were a colour, what would you be, and why?

Green, so i can blend in with the surroundings and you won’t see me taking a picture of you.


Studio 60 portrait


Who are you, and what do you do in a nut shell?

We are Studio Sixty. Husband and wife, photographer and manager, creative and organised.

What is the most unique wedding you’ve seen? 

In India everything about their weddings are unique. Horses, fireworks, elephants, hundreds of guests. They have it all!

What do you do in your free time?

Ride bikes, play with our dog, hang out at the beach and take photographs!


willow and sage photo


What is it about weddings that you love so much?

I love capturing the day, every little bit of it, for the couple so they can look back at it over and over again. There is so many bits and pieces that they miss or haven’t seen as the day races past and i love being able to give that to them.

What is the most unique thing you’ve seen at a wedding?

The bides dad wrote a song and had it put together with musicians around the world online for their father daughter dance. She didn’t know and i was told 30 minutes before. I was clicking away whilst crying big time listening to the music. It was the best!!! And yes i’m a sucker for emotional things.

What colour represents you the best, and why?

I think yellow, as i’m always bubbly and vibrant.


shane shepherd photo


Shane is very passionate about a few things….

His best friend and wife Dee who is ‘insanely attractive’. Being a daddy to Frankie and Spencer. Last but not least, his job – Photography which is very much his passion.

Where is his camera at weddings?

He has danced with his camera in his hand at every wedding he has ever shot. “I see every wedding as an opportunity to document once in a lifetime moments with creativity. You have put a lot into making your wedding special and i want to showcase that”

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