prof photo 1Calling all foodies! Introducing the one and only Samba Catering Co.!

The brainchild of Brazilian chef  Samba, his experience of cooking in busy restaurants and working in the catering industry made it only natural for him to pursue his dream of having a business of his own. Together with his lovely fiance Krystal, they decided to take a leap of faith and create and business that they truly believe in.

Samba’s love for cooking is infectious. Specialising in Spanish Paella and Brazilian BBQ, his passion and talent show in his dishes and in the faces of full and happy customers.

Samba Catering Co. don’t just cater; they prepare your event’s food with perfect execution, whilst providing your guests with a unique and entertaining catering experience.

Launching in 2015, this up and coming business continues to increase in leaps and bounds. Already raking up a dedicated following, they are a favourite for events, markets, parties and weddings in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Come and try their tasty dishes for yourself at the next Brisbane Wedding Festival, held this Saturday, January 30th.

For more information on Samba Catering Co. and their amazing food, visit their Facebook page.
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At Darling Affair’s Wedding Festivals we also cater for the man in your life. Introducing Wil Valor.

Combining tailor made craftsmanship with directional style, Wil Valor endeavours to not change the wearers style, but to enhance it through experience and expertise! They value quality and hold a dedication to unsurpassed craftsmanship and fabrics.

A custom made garment is an experience each man should understand. It is an indescribable pleasure, a unique moment where the wearer confides their aspirations and desires.

When selecting the Wil Valor service you will receive a private meeting with a Style Advisor who listens to your needs, advises on colour,style and fit. They then send the specifics to their cutters and Saville Row – the trained Master Tailor – creates your custom made pieces!

You can see the darling male models strut their stuff on the catwalk at The Brisbane Wedding Festival, January 30th all decked out in Wil Valor’s wonderful creations. You will never look at a suit the same way again.

The fashion parade kicks off at 4pm. Grab your tickets online to save a few pennies before the big day!

We’ll see you there xx

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Perfect accessories are a must for any bride and Bow and Lace create showstopping pieces that compliment any outfit.

With a desire to bring something new to the local bridal market, Bow and Lace offers simple elegance with pieces that compliment your look instead of overpowering it.

All pieces are 100% handmade with love, precision and care from amazing designers to bring a delicate touch to your big day.

Bow and Lace care not only about quality, but also functionality, simplicity and beauty.

This amazing vendor will be joining us the next Brisbane Wedding Festival held on January 30th, 2016.  Come and see Bow and Lace’s creations for yourself, tickets are on sale now!

Until then, you can find Bow and Lace on their website or visit them on Facebook.

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With such an enchanting setting, you can be forgiven for thinking this quaint stone chapel nestled in it’s rolling hills is something straight out of folklore.

All the right ingredients required in a pursuit of happiness start here. From the well-maintained gardens to the finer details inside the chapel, you can’t help but allow yourself to be carried afar to a time of old.

Henzell Chapel, located in Brisbane’s Moreton Bay Hinterland, can only be found by word of mouth. It has an elusiveness about it, only adding to the allure and captivation of it all, begging you to lose yourself in your imagination and to rediscover the charm of simplicity once again.

This shoot was put together by an all star cast that you can find at the Brisbane Wedding Festival in less then 3 weeks time!

Juddric Photography captured some truly breathtaking images.
Gorgeous hair was styled by Hair By Popular Demand aka Weddings By Popular Demand – yes Alana is a celebrant with a secret double life as a hair stylist.
A well painted face needs to go along with lovely locks and Karla from Blissful Makeup didn’t fail to deliver.

Come and chat to these lovely down to earth wedding professionals on January 30 at The Brisbane Racing Club. Grab your tickets HERE!

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Seriously, who doesn’t love pizza??? Pizzantica believe that memorable occasions come from sharing a fantastic meal with your friends and family. Bringing together mouth watering restaurant style pizza and dedicated catering, the cherry on top is their funky VW Kombi Van, mounted with a ferrari-red pizza oven. Pizzantica’s food is prepared and served in the traditional napoli way by their talented Italian pizzaiolo.

The brainchild of owner/chef Luca Ferone, Pizzantica is all about quality, service and convenience. The Pizzantica Van was designed to bring customers restaurant quality Italian cuisine and service to any type of special occasion.

With customers who rave about the quality of their food, their stylish presentation and awesome concept, this Brisbane based food truck is a great choice for any event.

Come and taste their deliciousness for yourself at our next Brisbane Wedding Festival held on January 30th, 2016.  To find out more about their great menu and service, visit Pizzantica on their website or find them on Facebook.

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As a one-person operation, Rebecca is the Chief mixer, stirrer, baker and creative at Petal & Peach Bespoke Cakery.  Her commitment to each creation through every step of the process and her natural inclination to be a perfectionist mean every single cake that leaves the Petal and Peach kitchen is absolutely filled to the brim with love. The service that Rebecca provides is completely personalised and every cake is made with all the style and sophistication of your vision.

Petal and Peach is feminine and whimsical with unique designs drawing inspiration from nature, photography and fashion.  Using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, Petal and Peach creates bespoke cakes for the sweet tooth with a free spirit. Petal and Peach bespoke cakes are memorable well after it has been cut and served.

Rebecca has always had a love of baking and often found herself up until all hours of the night creating cakes to share with family and friends.

In the words of Bec herself she shares her passion of why she makes cakes and what makes her tick:

“When I want to show someone that they are important to me, loved, cherished and welcome, I make them cake.
When my friend married the love of her life, the man that makes her smile so big and true and invited everyone who fills her heart with joy and love, I made them a cake.
When I want to celebrate the complicated but perfect fabulousness that is my best friend, I make her a cake
When my neighbour brings her new baby home and she is tired and emotional and overwhelmed and so, so, so in love – I make her a cake.

Because nothing says “you are loved”, “I care about you”, “I am here for you” or “Thank you” like a slice of cake, made from scratch with honest ingredients.  I am passionate simply because cakes bring people together.”

Rebecca oversee’s every process from discussing and understanding your cake brief, building flavour combinations (that will absolutely blow your mind), baking, constructing, decorating, delivering and styling your masterpiece.

Petal and Peach Bespoke Cakery is so fresh out of the oven you can only find her on instagram @petalandpeach.bakery or simply come and see her creations at The Brisbane Wedding Festival on January 30 at The Brisbane Racing Club.

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selfie station 2

People have always loved taking pictures. In 2015, with the rise of modern-day photo booths becoming increasingly popular. Aaron and Renae, a husband and wife team, saw the potential for something beyond a simple picture.

The Selfie Station was born out of the eagerness to create new photo and video experiences, combined with its potential to evolve as an approachable and highly social memory sharing tool it will keep your guests, smiling from ear to ear!

It wasn’t long before The Selfie Station was capturing smiles on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The Selfie Station is the only one of its kind in Australia, its slimline and unique design adds class and elegance to every event.

The Selfie Station is the next generation in photo booth technology and continues to capture long lasting memories, one flash at a time. It is not your average photo booth; with so many options from green screen technology, filters, sketch booth, video messaging, slow motion videos, animated gifs, instant uploads and prints and so much more.

With their customised service and amazing prints guests get on the spot entertainment and take away and amazing reminder of the special day.

Come and strike a pose in front of their slim line open air photo booth at the Brisbane Wedding Festival on January 30 and have some fun with your gal pals testing it out for your wedding.

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Wine & Dine’m live for celebration.

With an innovative and fresh style, they develop creative catering ideas for unique occasions, from an intimate backyard engagement party, to large marquee weddings.

With some of the most creative caterers in Brisbane, their enchanting menus, personal touches and ability to entwine every couples story through food and beverage are a must for anyone looking for the ultimate catering team.

Passionate, professional and fun, the staff at Wine & Dine’m love what they do and get excited about bringing events and weddings to life.

Come and meet this foodie dream team at our next Brisbane Wedding Festival held on January 30th, 2016.

Until then, find out more about their fantastic services on their website or Facebook page.

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We are so excited to announce that the super talented team from The White Tree will be supplying some sweet tunes at our next Brisbane Wedding Festival.

This powerhouse of a business has taken over the wedding industry. Under one creative roof The White tree offers live band, photography and film services featuring some of Australia’s most talented artists.

With a band line up and set list that can be customised to suit your budget, tone of your event and your preferred music genres, The White Tree Band typically perform chilled background tunes early in the evening, acting more as atmospheric mood music, then can quickly transform into a highly energetic dance band for later in the night (when the guests have had a few more drinks!).  For the dance sets, funk and rock classics are always a crowd-pleaser, as well as killer new music – keeping guests satified, no matter their age or music tastes.

This dynamic team perform, entertain, shoot, produce and edit all around Australia and the world, with their HQ in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

For more information on The White Tree’s services, visit their website or find them on Facebook.

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Komorebi Bride was born from a desire to create a luxurious line of head pieces designed for a bride to express their inner gypsy goddess.

Komorebi Bride uses only the best materials, including top quality sterling silver, genuine gemstones and fresh water pearls. These amazing creations are a luxury items that is made with the utmost love and care, to be treasured and passed down to others.

Also offering a custom design service, brides are able to work exclusively with the designer to create their own unique and perfect headpiece for their special day.

The perfect accessory any boho bride, we are so excited to have this amazing business joining us for our next Brisbane Wedding Festival being held on January 30th, 2016.

To see more of Komorebi Bride’s creations, visit their website or find them on Facebook.

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