Are you a Bride on the hunt for the perfect glam squad? You can stop searching because we are super excited to announce that Blush and Bangs will be joining us at our next Brisbane Wedding Festival being held on January 30th, 2016.

This Mother/Daughter dream team are a down to earth duo that genuinely love being a part of your special day. Blush and Bangs are passionate about providing Brides with a personal one-on-one experience. Understanding that all Brides are different, they work closely with each client to create a look that captures their unique beauty and personality whether it’s bohemian, vintage or modern.

Based in Brisbane, Blush and Bangs offer a fully mobile service for a convenient and stress free day. Ensuring that all of your hair and makeup needs are met, their goal is to leave you feeling beautiful and confident.

With years of experience working in within the wedding industry, you won’t want to miss meeting these lovely ladies at our next Wedding Festival. Until then, be sure to visit them on Facebook or their website for more details.

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If you looked up Flower Power in the dictionary, you’d find a big picture of Primula Floral Styling underneath. The floral arrangements that Eliza is able to create is nothing short of breathtaking.

Primula grew from her love of all things romantic, loose and wild and she found weddings to be the perfect occasion to celebrate the inherent beauty of flowers.

Since entering the wedding industry in 2012, Primula have become dedicated to sourcing flowers and botanicals that truly stand out in a crowd. Whether it’s bringing you Victorian garden roses loaded with a scent that will make your heart skip a beat, or foraging locally for lush, sprawling foliage that mimic our wild surrounds, Primula designs feature the kind of botanical curiosities that will have you (and your guests) leaning in for a closer look.

Based in Brisbane, while also offering services throughout the surrounding regions of Southern QLD and Northern NSW, Primula Floral Styling offer a range of tailored services that include floral and botanical styling for weddings, editorial projects, and other special events.

With the Brisbane Racing Club as the perfect landscape to view these designs, you wont want to miss our next Brisbane Wedding Festival being held on January 30th, 2016.

For more information on this blooming business and to see more images of Eliza’s stunning work, find them on Facebook or visit their website.

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Every girl dreams of having beautiful photos of her wedding day and Jo Bartholomew can make all those dreams come true.

A lovely English lass, now residing in Brisbane, Jo’s love for photography started after her move here to Australia. With a desire to document her new home and adventures, her darling Husband surprised her with her first camera and photography lessons. Starting with portraits and working on to weddings, Jo’s love of photography has continued to grow and you can see that in her work.

Entering the wedding industry in 2010, Jo has continued to go from strength to strength, with the opportunity to photograph events all over Australia and as well as internationally.

Shooting her images in a candid, documentary style, she is passionate about taking photographs that tell the authentic story of your wedding day.  Jo brings her friendly, creative personality into her business, both in the way that she shoots and also in the easy, unobtrusive way that she interacts with couples.

To see more images of her work, you can find her on Facebook or visit her website.


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Wedding Play Book Edited-66 (Medium)


Created after a frustrating search of trying to find unique items for their own wedding, the couple behind Hodgepodge Hire decided to take matters into their own hands.

Entering the wedding industry over three years ago, Hodgepodge Hire is a vintage furniture, tableware and props hire business based in Brisbane. With interesting pieces and loads of options, they supply those hard to find, individually selected items for your event. They can help supply items for your photo shoot, wedding, engagement party…. Hodgepodge Hire are the ones to go to for any kind of affair. Injecting it with their creative flair and cool vintage style, they are sure to turn your celebration into a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Having already done the leg work by scouring flea markets and vintage shops, this Husband and Wife team are able to bring you a hodgepodge selection of beautiful vintage items.  Ranging from a mixture of dinner plates to country kitchen tables, to a medley of different chairs, each one with its own history and charm.

This couple thrive on creativity and love seeing an idea come to life. Make sure to visit them at our Brisbane Wedding Festival on Janurary 30th, 2016. Hosted by the Brisbane Racing Club, this venue is the perfect backdrop to see Hodgepodge Hire’s vision come to life.

Until then, make sure to find them on Facebook or visit their website for more inspiration.


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Self proclaimed sisters from other misters, Alyce and Colette are the ultimate photography team.

Describing their work as a joy-filled job, these high school besties are able to work in efficient harmony, allowing couples to enjoy quiet moments together on their wedding day. Both recently married, they know how important it is to honour their clients and support them along their planning journey.

Alyce and Colette Photographers thrive on authenticity and connection. Constantly striving to induce goosebumps, happy tears and laughter from their work, both as they are shooting and when people see their images. Believing that their work as wedding photographers is a privilge, they feel humbled to be asked into a couples intimate moments, documenting images in a family’s collective history.

Also offering the unique service of Fusion Videos, Alyce and Colette Photographers are able to combine cinematography and still images, not readily available through all companies.

With four years of wedding and portraiture experience, these lovely ladies tick all the photography boxes. Be sure to come and meet them at our Brisbane Wedding Festival on January 30th, 2016 and stop by and say hi to them on their Facebook page.

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Over the years Darling Affair has developed a fantastic relationship with The Beauty Case.

Khesanh, the brains and beauty behind this upbeat and on trend hair and makeup team has also been the mastermind behind our fashion parades for over a year now.

Khesanh has such a lovely calm disposition whilst at the same time can make us laugh our heads off. This is the kind of personality you want around for your wedding day makeup when your feeling nervous and excited.

You will meet Khesanh in person at The Brisbane Wedding Festival on January 30th. If you can’t find her at her creative space at the festival she will be busily putting the final glamorous touches on our darling models alongside her lovely team of hair and makeup artists.

We 100% trust the creative hands of these women. Their work is flawless.

The Beauty Case Team aims to achieve an individual look for each client that they work with. From the Bride to be herself, the bridal entourage and the gorgeous mother of the bride. With a casual team of 7 spanning from the Sunshine Coast Hinterland down to the quiet beaches of Byron and even in Sydney!

Every woman is important to them. The Beauty Case team listen to your desires whilst guiding you in a direction that will suit your face and hair to leave your partner-to-be breathless at the first sight of you walking down the isle.

Grab a front row seat at the festivals fashion parades to be inspired by the different hair and makeup styles they will be showcasing on the runway!

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Give me more, more, MORE!

That’s what words come to mind when we think of the amazing event hire and stylist company Moreton Hire. We are so excited to work with their amazing team and their can do attitude.

Moreton Hire will be supplying a HUGE marquee to house our creative vendors at The Brisbane Wedding Festival on January 30th, 2016 hosted by the Brisbane Racing Club. They will be located right at the front of the marquee to answer your questions about the different sizes and options they have available.

You can opt for a clear roof for an open air feel on a huge property or your intimate backyard wedding. See the stars and moon glisten at night or the beautiful rain drops trickling over the canopy that will protect you and your guests from the elements.

If you want something more like your classic white wedding, Moreton Hire also do fully enclosed white marquee’s with beautifully lined ceilings and lighting.

The Moreton Hire team will work closely with you to expand your mind and help you see the bigger picture to make your wedding day come to life.

A Darling Affair and Moreton Hire are a perfect match with their slogan “experience is everything”. We can’t wait for you to come and ‘experience’ their marquee at the event and not just get given a flyer advertising it.

Make sure to visit their website to see the other amazing hire products they have to complete your wedding day set up.

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The team behind AVideas basically came and swept us off our feet when we first met them. We found our perfect match when it comes to putting on a wedding festival of this extravagant size. The end result is going to be amazing with them by our sides.

AVideas will put on a dazzling show of gorgeous lighting through out the festivals different areas on January 30, at The Brisbane Racing Club.

AVIdeas are a talented bunch of people and their expertise goes far beyond pretty lights. From complete theme styling to spectacular lighting and sharp sound production, you can be confident that your wedding will enjoy an atmosphere, ambience and aura that will not be forgotten.

They really do listen to you and take the time to discover your unique personal desires and style. We can hands down say that this statement is true. The ADA team are like kids in a candy shop with what they are going to do for the festival.

Their slogan is: ‘If you can dream it, we can achieve it’

With 15 years of event and corporate tucked in their belt you won’t be disappointed. Scouts honour.

Contact AVIdeas to have your wedding day dreams come to life!



One, two, three, SMILE!


ADA-SC-2015-05-001 ADA-SC-2015-05-002 ADA-SC-2015-05-003 ADA-SC-2015-05-004 ADA-SC-2015-05-005
ADA-SC-2015-05-008 ADA-SC-2015-05-009 ADA-SC-2015-01-037 ADA-SC-2015-01-060 ADA-SC-2015-02-011 ADA-SC-2015-02-014 ADA-SC-2015-02-086

It will come as no surprise to you that Brian from When Elephant Met Zebra is our favourite photographer to have ever walked the earth! As our A Darling Affair official photographer for over a year now we love this guy and couldn’t imagine A Darling Affair without him!

You have most likely seen him running around our fair taking all sorts of fabulous photos of our vendor stalls, fashion parades and anything pretty or creative that took his eye!

It’s our pleasure to show you his amazing stall and some of our favourite images of the day taken by the man himself!



ADA-SC-2015-04-033 ADA-SC-2015-04-035 ADA-SC-2015-04-038 ADA-SC-2015-04-039 ADA-SC-2015-04-040

Lovers of photography, adventure, light and love Trent and Jessie are one of the most cutest and talented couples we’ve ever met!

Photographing weddings continually takes them on incredible journeys to some of the most unique and beautiful places, challenging them to see light everywhere and allowing them to witness and capture some of the sweetest declarations of love between two people.

Taking a documentary style approach to photographing weddings, keepings things as natural and relaxed as possible so that each couple’s story can be told as honestly and beautifully as it deserves.

These guys live to capture people in love, their truest selves in their most honest moments on the day they commit to loving one another for the rest of their days.

“Being invited into the lives of others and asked to document one of the most significant and emotionally-charged days of their lives is such an incredible privilege.”



ADA-SC-2015-05-147 ADA-SC-2015-05-148 ADA-SC-2015-05-149 ADA-SC-2015-05-150 ADA-SC-2015-05-151

When destination weddings became a popular request for Travelshoot — they were lucky enough to have a majority of experienced wedding photographers.

And the best bit about hiring a Travelshoot photographer is they are locals – so they know exactly where to go to get the best shots on your special day.

Travelshoot destination wedding photography ranges from $1500 AU to $5000 AU depending on your location and your requirements.

The beauty of Travelshoot is that they have a network of photographers, so they can match your preferred style and budget based on your photography needs!



ADA-SC-2015-04-043 ADA-SC-2015-04-046 ADA-SC-2015-04-047 ADA-SC-2015-04-048

Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast’s Hinterland, Bonnie’s work is concerned with what lies in the peripheral vision of the everyday, observing the beauty and intrigue of the multi- faceted environment that surrounds us.

She draws inspiration by the combination of nature and the lens, exposing the wonder within nature. This fascination with shifts in perspectives, explains her attachment to the mediums of photography and video.

Both mediums are used to represent reality yet simultaneously have the ability to undermine this visual ‘reality’ by using in-camera techniques and minimal post-production. It’s all about appreciating the very real environment we live in and the magic of the optical instrument at capturing these elements in a unique but very real way.


ADA-SC-2015-05-051 ADA-SC-2015-05-052 ADA-SC-2015-05-053 ADA-SC-2015-05-054

Luke Going is an incredible wedding photographer who’s interest in photography began in the dark room at high school, almost 20 years ago.

After leaving school he realised his dream of working for National Geographic, traversing the globe, photographing the people of this planet.

Wedding photography proved to draw all the elements he loved in photography together – journalism, fashion, art and portraiture – and through this he formed his own incredible way of documenting these amazing events.

After beginning to shoot weddings on a regular basis Luke became more and more aware of what an incredible privilege it is to be witnessing such celebration, such devotion, and such emotion as regularly as he did.

“It is truly the greatest honour to photograph two best friends, surrounded by their most cherished loved ones, on the happiest day of their lives.”