With such an enchanting setting, you can be forgiven for thinking this quaint stone chapel nestled in it’s rolling hills is something straight out of folklore.

All the right ingredients required in a pursuit of happiness start here. From the well-maintained gardens to the finer details inside the chapel, you can’t help but allow yourself to be carried afar to a time of old.

Henzell Chapel, located in Brisbane’s Moreton Bay Hinterland, can only be found by word of mouth. It has an elusiveness about it, only adding to the allure and captivation of it all, begging you to lose yourself in your imagination and to rediscover the charm of simplicity once again.

This shoot was put together by an all star cast that you can find at the Brisbane Wedding Festival in less then 3 weeks time!

Juddric Photography captured some truly breathtaking images.
Gorgeous hair was styled by Hair By Popular Demand aka Weddings By Popular Demand – yes Alana is a celebrant with a secret double life as a hair stylist.
A well painted face needs to go along with lovely locks and Karla from Blissful Makeup didn’t fail to deliver.

Come and chat to these lovely down to earth wedding professionals on January 30 at The Brisbane Racing Club. Grab your tickets HERE!

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  1. Oh this shoot is so beautiful! Friends of mine were married at this amazing chapel last two years ago and I fell in love! I never even knew it existing and I live 10 minutes away! Perfect little gems hiding in perfect places! Gorgeous!

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