Saving The Planet… One Invite At A Time!

We are lovers of the Earth here at ADA and it’s awesome to see ethical, nature loving wedding suppliers doing their bit to help preserve this place we call home.

Whether it’s recycled, up-cycled, handmade or home grown we love to see what can be done with leftovers that other people may have just thrown away.

As more people become aware of their carbon footprint we’re also noticing our Bride’s making more of a conscious effort to go “green” with their wedding choices.  And going green doesn’t mean giving up on quality, quite the opposite actually!

Take Maytide for example.  The result of using recycled materials, coupled with boutique craftsmanship, result simple clean designs and superior quality workmanship.  Classy and kind to the planet, go Maytide!

Maytide 2

Maytide 3If you’re looking for more ways to have a planet-friendly-party then let us know!  There are lots of awesome suppliers on the coast who make a big effort to reduce their carbon footprint and we’d love to send some your way.


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