You have arrived at the Sweet Station!

Nicky, the gorgeous creator behind Sweet Details, speaks about using furniture and props at your sweet station. Lets get into the finer details:

“One of the most effective ways to take your dessert table or candy buffet from simply being sweets on a table to conveying the theme of your wedding or telling a story is to use props and interesting pieces of furniture.

Op shops, ‘trash and treasure’ markets, vintage shops or ebay are an abundant treasure trove when it comes to finding unique pieces.


Don’t be restricted to a standard trestle table – there are so many other options to choose from. Think buffets, vintage chairs, drawer units, wine barrels, stools. Use multiple pieces to create interest and height.

If you are using a table, look for unique shapes, textures or finishes to work with your theme.




Remember to keep a good balance between the sweets on your table and don’t go overboard with display pieces. Try and think outside the box!

Use cute fabric or branches to use as table runners. Add height by using old suitcases, wooden crates, tree stumps or small stools on the table. Wooden ladders are a great eye catcher and look great displaying sweets.



Add the personal touch by using blackboards with a message. Your favourite flowers or fruit in wooden boxes or jars to add pops of colour.




Backdrops are the best way to make a real feature for you table and give it impact to further enhance your theme.

Ideas include: printed backdrops, old wooden doors and windows, blackboards, paper pom poms, ribbons, hanging flowers in jars, kraft wrapping paper or interesting fabric.

The possibilities are endless so use your imagination!




The best way to make your table really unique is to do some DIY!

Head to your local hardware store or craft shop and make your own props. Buntings in different shapes and materials look great and are so easy to make. Have a look for interesting trims such as tassles, string, ribbon, lace, buttons etc. Why not personalise your table by pegging photo’s onto a string to use as bunting?

Handmade paper items always look great and add a personal touch to your display. I have handmade rosettes using paper and pages from and old book.


In conclusion once you have a basic idea of the look you want to achieve, keep your eye out where ever you go. Sometimes pieces you wouldn’t normally look at for your home may be perfect props for your table. Try and see past the intended use for an item and be open to doing a bit of DIY.

The trick is finding the balance between using furniture and props and keeping it looking inviting to your guests. If you get this right you will have a table that is a fabulous feature at your wedding that will keep your guests talking.

Have a sweet day!

Nicky xxx

Most images are Sweet Details creations with a few Pinterest finds:

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