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Combining traditional Scandinavian design and modern techniques, tipis (also known as Teepees, Katas or Giant Hats) are built to withstand the elements. Their intrinsically strong and beautiful structure – natural timber poles, earthy canvas tones and soaring 6.7m ceilings at the peak – create a real “WOW” factor.

Not only do tipis look stunning, but they are incredibly versatile too!

Pitched on their own with their sides down they take the form of a conventional tipi – warm, cosy and intimate.

Pitched with their sides up and resembling a giant witches hat, they can be joined together in a variety of configurations to create a single large space. This not only increases the covered floor area, but it also allows you to make the most of a beautiful view or cooling breeze.

Whether you are holding an intimate soiree for 50, a wedding for 150, or a corporate event for 280 there is a configuration that will work perfectly for you!



love illuminated 1 love illuminated 2
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After falling in love with event light props on social media, and buying they first sign the amazing couple behind Illuminated Love fell hard for the industry!

They are now bringing beautiful, quality, handmade pieces to life so that your special event will be absolutely unforgettable.

Creating and developing truly special lit signs, props and letters to add romance, excitement, and personality to your special event.  Their one of a kind pieces are all hand made, locally, with absolute love and care.

Illuminated Love’s inventory is original, dreamt up by them personally, and executed with skill you won’t see anywhere else.

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