When Elephant Met Zebra – all kinds of wonderful happened…

It will probably be no surprise when we tell you that Brian from When Elephant Met Zebra is probably our most favourite photographer who ever walked the earth (we know that’s a big call.. but seriously… have you seen this guys work!?).  He photographed one of our Darling’s (Emma & Riley) weddings earlier this year and he’s been our official photographer all year this year.  We’re also VERY excited to announce that we’ve managed to secure Brian again as our official photographer for 2015 – woohoo!

You may have seen Brian (looking extremely fashionable thanks to Urbbana!) running around at our recent Sunshine Coast fair excitedly taking photos of all our vendor stalls, fashion parades and anything pretty or creative that took his eye.  It’s our pleasure to now show you some of our favourite photos from the day… get yourself a cuppa and turn your phone off… you won’t want to be interrupted, these photos are all kinds of amazing.

ADASC2014-003 ADASC2014-047-2 ADASC2014-067 ADASC2014-104 ADASC2014-130 ADASC2014-140 ADASC2014-146-2 ADASC2014-152-2 ADASC2014-165 ADASC2014-172-2 ADASC2014-204 ADASC2014-208-2 ADASC2014-224 ADASC2014-254 ADASC2014-263 ADASC2014-265 ADASC2014-284 ADASC2014-376 ADASC2014-380 ADASC2014-418 ADASC2014-437 ADASC2014-441 ADASC2014-479-2 ADASC2014-500 ADASC2014-505 ADASC2014-509 ADASC2014-513 ADASC2014-522-2


And in case you’re wondering who the man is behind these images… here is a sneaky photo of him that we stole from his Facebook page… thanks to Maytide for the image and thanks again to Urbanna for dressing Brian!







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