Described as “Vibrant, sassy, creative, full of life and heart….” Alana from Weddings by Popular Demand is the wedding celebrant that you’ll fall in love with.

All about bespoke, personal and meaningful wedding ceremonies, she wants to get to know who you are as a couple and present your brand of love your way!

Alana offers a one-off, one of a kind experience that is only limited by your ability to think outside of the box. Her kooky personality and dorky flamboyance is a huge hit as a celebrant and we love her all the more for it!

Over the years of working as a superstar bridal hairdresser, Alana loved playing a small role in wedding celebrations. So much so, she decided that she needed to find a way to get a bigger slice of the action. With no other choice than to become a celebrant, Weddings by Popular Demand was born.

Be sure to come and meet Alana for yourself at our next Brisbane Wedding Festival being held on January 30th, 2016. Hosted by the Brisbane Racing Club, it’s a day that won’t want to be missed! For more information on Weddings by Popular Demand, visit their website or find them on Facebook.


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