Flowers make us happy. They brighten up any room and add colour and texture.

Gone are the days of ‘just’ having a traditional bouquet and button hole. Florists are more creative than ever and do just that: create. They are more like artists and can transform a wedding reception and a brides bouquet into a work of art that the bride finds it hard to do the bouquet toss.

Two of these outstanding businesses were runners up in our People’s Choice at The Brisbane Wedding Fair and with over 1000 guests throught he door voting for them you can’t half tell why when you see their displays of overflowing floral delight.


the little flower company 1

We saw a huge amount of this businesses tote bags being paraded around the Brisbane Wedding Fair by our guests. They were truly a big hit and had pleasant personalities to match.

The Little Flower Company is anything but little as their name suggests. This team has big ideas and can pull them off with ease. They truly know how to style flowers and can make the most wonderful combinations that you have never thought of before.

Professional, classy and full of colour, The Little Flower Company are ready to talk blooms with you and make your wedding pop!

the little flower company 2 the little flower company 3 the little flower company 4


We have worked on the Sunshine Coast with Twig & Grace at our last wedding fair and we are always and i mean ALWAYS bowled over with the amazing display of overflowing blooms that they rock up with at our fairs. Carefully styled and presented, it’s like your grandma’s garden is in full bloom and takes you back to the good old days when you roamed through it smelling and touching every piece of foliage.

Twig & Grace creates emotions through flowers and greenery. It is full of life and colour. Every element that an artist uses with a brush stroke and paint can be closely compared to how the team behind Twig & Grace approaches every brides wedding day. They create a masterpiece beyond limits – if you allow them!

A family run business full of passion and one that completely loves what they do, they will bring that romance to your wedding flowers and you know that your money will be well spent, hands down, no doubt about it!

twig and grace 2 twig and grace 3 twig and grace 4

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