At the Brisbane Wedding Fair we were so excited for the food vendors that we had on board to tantalise or guests taste buds. Oh boy was the food good. I think we tasted everything that was on offer and forgot to take some treats home for our kids because we gobbled it all up!

Things literally got sold out on the day because people went back for seconds. So if you missed out on stuffing your face and trying out the caterers who can be at your wedding then here is a review for you.


poptaco 1The team behind Poptaco sure do know how to put on a mean mexican spread. Flavoursome, moist, saucy, juicy oh man it’s making my mouth want to have another pork roll right now!
Poptaco can cater for your event and will make you want to party like a mexican for more. Have a look at their instagram or fb feed and you will see it’s down right authentic food.

A great alternative to a formal sit down dinner and perfect for sharing and loads of talking and interaction between guests. Your money will be well spent on this food.

poptaco 2 poptaco 3


Woodfired pizza’s on the back of a Kombi. Two of our most favourite things rolled into one! What a clever concept a woodfired oven on wheels!

Hand made gourmet pizza’s for your wedding guests. You can never go wrong with a good pizza especially one made by the masters of traditional pizzas. A great share meal for the masses and less clean up for you at your wedding reception or engagement party.

You pick the location and they’ll roll right up!

pizzantica 1 pizzantica 2 pizzantica 3


Well well well…Cuisine on Cue were amazing! Amazing caterers with fantastic and personable people skills, well groomed and most importantly amazing food. This crew really know what their doing and hit the mark all through out the day.

Cuisine on Cue were serving up mouth sized bites packed full of flavour to our guests in the studios and boy were they good. They do much more than serve starters, they can cater for your entire wedding reception. You just choose what tickles your fancy and they will whip up a storm in the kitchen.

Their professional customer service and the attention to detail is what they bring to every event, regardless of the size, catering style or budget. They will work with you to meet your needs.

cuisine on cue 1 cuisine on cue 2 cuisine on cue 3 cuisine on cue 4 cuisine on cue 5



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