Wedding cars at A Darling Affair

We have a passion for riding in style at A Darling Affair HQ and we love to have wedding car hire companies at our fairs that are a bit different and VERY unique.

So we can’t go past the fun you can have jumping in and out of a Kombi with your whole wedding party thanks to Deluxe Kombi Service OR being in the the brand spankin’ new restored mint beauty from Holden Oldies.

They are both A Class services and there will never be an awkward moment of silence between you and the driver on you wedding day. They are just as excited as you to share in your experience.


ADASC2014-552 ADASC2014-553 ADASC2014-556

ADASC2014-559 ADASC2014-557 ADASC2014-558

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