Venue Partner for A Darling Affair – Gold Coast

You’ve all been very patient over the last few months as we’ve set the wheels in motion for 2014. We’ve been busy little bees behind the scenes setting up some new and exciting things leading in to the new year. So here is announcement number 1 for 2014. A Darling Affair has secured a venue partner in Rabbit + Cocoon – a dedicated creative precinct in Miami, the heart of the Gold Coast.


Does the name ring any bells? You might remember that leading in to our Gold Coast event for this year, we got up to some shenanigans at Miami Marketta…

[Photos courtesy of Alyce & Colette]

Well, you guessed it (you clever thing), Rabbit + Cocoon is the home of Miami Marketta, a fabulous industrial venue, complete with street art, several studios housing creative professionals, and of course plenty of space for running fantastic events.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook you would have already saved the “when” for our event, Friday the 21st of February, and now you can add the “where”. A Darling Affair Gold Coast  is set to be our first evening event, and what a great night we have planned for you all!

Watch this space for more details shortly….

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