Vendor Feature: The Wedding Writer

If there were ever a perfect match, it would be Lahnee and Pablo Pavlovich. Lahnee is a talented writer, and event stylist, who is the talent behind today’s vendor feature: The Wedding Writer. Pablo is a fantastic photographer, and the focus of tomorrow’s feature. Today’s featured images are taken from their own wedding day, styling courtesy of Lahnee, and photography of Pablo – of course.

The Wedding Writer: The scribe to your very own fairy-tale

Once upon a time a boy met a girl.

From a simple smile their hearts grew with love

A question, an answer and a walk down the aisle.

This is a tale of love; your love.

You dreamt of the big white dress, the fairy-tale with a happy ending. You read enchanting stories of how snow white met her prince charming. Your wedding is almost here so why not have your own love story captured on crisp white pages between Once upon a time… and Happily ever after….

I am The Wedding Writer; the scribe to your very own fairy-tale where you become the princess and your groom is prince charming. Think of me as a professional wedding guest, notebook in hand writing about your special day; adding a unique layer to your wedding memories.

When you read to your kids, grandchildren, nieces and nephews – why not read them your love story, not Cinderella’s.

The Wedding Writer is a couture service and your love story and can be written to express your wedding and your tale to the altar as in depth or as simply as you want.

Relive your love story with a hard cover book complete with enchanting images by Pablo Pavlovich Photography to compliment your literary legacy. Alternatively you can opt for an E-book that you can view online and print out yourself.

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