Vendor Feature: Mickey’s Sweet Treats

Oh my sweetness!!!!

Could you imagine anything that could make for a better job than being surrounded by lollies and cakes all day long??? For most of us secret and not so secret sugar-aholics out there, this seems the stuff of dreams; but for Mickey de Prinse, this sweet dream has turned into reality! And the reality now looks like a booming Sunshine Coast business that combines two of mickeys greatest passions, making beautiful cakes and cupcakes and creating amazing dessert and candy buffets for events!

Showcasing her creative talents at the launch of new events centre at the Big Pineapple earlier this year, Mickey really showed her talent at delivering a customised dessert buffet, ready for any event or occasion, and left us on a happy sugar high for the night and days to come. So while she is busy dreaming up the next master piece for our fair this weekend, and we’re dreaming about wrapping our taste buds around those decadent delights, have a little read about the very sweet business of Mickey’s Sweet Treats.

Mickey’s Sweet Treats: A little sweetness for any occasion

I have had my own cupcake and cake business on the coast for a couple of years now, but late last year I became really inspired by all the beautiful dessert and candy buffet images I was finding on wedding and event blogs.

I am a massive sentimentalist at heart and get really excited by every single event I get to do. In fact someone asked me the other day what my favourite event is to do are and I thought there’s no way I could choose.  I love them all…

Weddings really are so much fun! I adore working with Brides to come up with a design to compliment their theme and create a centre piece of conversation for the event. But, if you have ever seen the face of a child when they spy something sweet then you can probably imagine the faces I get to see when the kids spy a whole table of sweetness at a birthday party! In fact it’s not just the kids! There’s something about sugar that brings out the giant kid in all of us – even those more corporate folks. I love to create a buffet that really reflects the brand of a company for a corporate event – what better way to launch and celebrate a new business venture?

Mickey’s Sweet Treats really does cater for ANY event, and I am just waiting to dream up a tempting creation to be the centre piece of your next event. Let me leave you with some parting advice:

Put “eat chocolate” at the top of your list of things to do today. That way, at least you’ll get one thing done. {Author Unknown}

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