Vendor Feature: Luke Going Photography

If you’re looking for a photographer with passion, you might be interested in what Luke Going has to say about his work. Usually I will add my own little touches to what a vendor has to say about their business, but as I read what Luke had to say about shooting a wedding I was captivated, and had to share it word for word.

“As a wedding photographer I place all faith in my sensitivity to the moment. This trance like rapture allows me to navigate through the day, with my radar tuned in to all the enchanting moments that are happening around me. When my radar sounds the alarm, my camera’s shutter go’s click, an instinctive movement towards the light. And before my eyes, lies a moment of truth that speaks of all the passion, intimacy and deep affection that each couple surrenders to on this momentous day.

What an amazing privilege it is to bare witness to this magic time after time and to have my faith in love renewed with each ceremonial betrothal. An honour that I take great pride in. From this pride comes the dedication to create a unique, sensual and cinematic reportage of the greatest and grandest day of any engaged couples lives.”

It seems Luke not only witnesses, but effectively captures that “magic time after time” in his stunning photographs.

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