Vendor Feature: Love Note

You might recall the personalised song that featured in our Happily Ever After – Part 2 post. How thrilled we were to find sibling duo Love Note, and to learn that they can provide you with your own personalised piece to accompany your special day.

Music is the art to which is most nigh to tears and memory. It is impossible to forget a melody that touches your heart, the power of that moment stays with you forever – the way she looked, the way your heart was brimming with pride, the future in his eyes, the butterflies in your stomach, the way you couldn’t imagine being anywhere else in the world – magic…

Now imagine that that melody is written for you to celebrate your life’s most romantic moment. Love Note is a one of a kind Australian service created by a hopeless romantic whose one true love and passion is songwriting and music.

We will work with you to craft the most intimate and romantic, personalised acoustic song for your wedding or proposal.

Your song will be beautifully composed from your words, your feelings and your story, recorded for you as a song you can call truly yours forever.

We promise the surprise of a love note song will be the highlight of your special day, one that will have people talking about your wedding or your proposal for years to come and one that will never let you forget the feeling of your moment.

Love Note; your story, your promise, your song.

One thought on “Vendor Feature: Love Note”

  1. What a beautiful way to have such a romantic reminder for many years to come. Such a talented young couple, who know and understand how to put the perfect song together for you. Well done, Angela and Anthony.

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