Vendor Feature: Little Owl Events

Making your wedding or special event a real hoot!

Emma McGee, owner at Little Owl Events, is not your typical Wedding Planner.  Far from being over the top and in your face, Emma takes a more relaxed approach with her clients.  Any newly engaged couple could tell you how overwhelming it is trying to pull together one of the most important days in their lives.  Wedding suppliers can sometimes be a little pushy with their products and prices and will hound you until you sign on the dotted line.   Little Owl Events, new to the Sunshine Coast, tries to avoid this scene all together.  Emma is calm, friendly, approachable and honest.  There are no obligations, no conditions, no pre-set packages and no “in your face” behaviour.

Emma says…

“I wanted Little Owl Events to be everything a Bride and Groom need in the lead up to their big day.  They need someone with experience, someone who can provide good contacts, someone with fresh ideas, someone who takes the time to understand their style, someone good with budgets and someone determined to provide the best service possible.   I take the time to get to know my clients so that by the time the wedding rolls around we’ve also become friends.  Every wedding or event I manage is completely unique.   As I don’t offer any décor hire options, I haven’t pigeonholed myself in to one certain style.  I use a number of suppliers to create individual looks for each event.”

Planning weddings and events of all shapes and sizes for all areas of the Sunshine Coast, Little Owl Events should be your first call when you start to feel overwhelmed by all the options out there.

Emma will be offering free 10 minute power planning sessions for anyone who’d like to pop in and have a chat at our upcoming wedding and events fair on September 8th. Be sure to book your appointment with Emma!

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