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For founder Ben, Universal York started as a passion project and turned into a full-blown creative film force.

With friends Andrew and Bree, the Universal York team create unique wedding films, along with other quality products, knowing that the way to achieve that properly is to hand craft everything they do.

With a love of working with people and collaborating with other artists, the team believe that the heart behind every one of their projects is to create something unique and inspiring, while having a good time doing it! Life is for living, that’s why they do the things they do.

This small team of bright, creative minds come with over eight years of experience between them. Ben is a self taught cinematographer and editor, Andrew has a degree in film and Bree brings the style to this dynamic trio.

Keep your eyes open for Universal York at the next Brisbane Wedding Festival being held on January 30th, 2016. For more information on this amazing company, check out their Facebook page or visit them on their website.

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