The Top 5 Songs You Need To Get Your D-Floor Pumping

As avid music lovers, getting the music right for your reception dance floor is up there on our list of priorities of the most important thing to get sorted and right for your wedding day. No-one likes a dud d-floor. You know the ones we mean… we’ve all been on them. The ones where you hold on to your only friend like a stage five clinger, or the ones that have you tempted to pop in your own head phones so you can rock on in a corner on your own.

Choosing the right DJ is what will help you really deliver in the music department. If you ask around, you’ll no doubt be met with the recommendation of Aaron from Cut A Rug. His reviews on his website will leave you laughing and you’ll instantly be met with the assurance that you are going to be in for a good time if you hire him to be your DJ. So we caught up with Aaron for 5 of his favourite wedding bangers and tips that will get you and your guests cutting shapes (or rugs) all night long.

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Top 5 Songs: 

’My Girl’ by The Temptations: It’s crucial to get the first song right. Once everyone joins you on the floor during/after your first dance, it’s worth considering this – most people aren’t going to go from ‘zero to a hundred’ in the space of one song….so you’ll want to save ‘Sandstorm’ for a little later. I really love ‘My Girl’ here, everyone knows the words to this song and it’s a great sing along to kick things off. It’s awkward for single guys to dance and sing along to this one by themselves, but you could always make it up to them later by playing ‘Eagle Rock’.

’Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen: The last song is another big one – your MC will ask everyone to please report to the D-Floor for the last song of the night. The right song here will have everybody singing along, rocking out and bustin’ moves. This track ticks a lot of boxes and I haven’t seen it fail. It’s the quintessential last dance – sing along, air guitar, and an epic rock out that you can’t not jump around to. When the bride and groom choose this as their last song I know that we’ll be going out with a bang.

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’Temperature’ by Sean Paul: I’ve been playing this and tryin’ to act like I know the words a lot lately, and it always kills….(the song, not my lip syncing). It has a nostalgic golden era club / ‘So Fresh 2006’ kinda vibe to it but isn’t too obvious or played out like many other throwbacks from this era.

’Mr Brightside’ by The Killers: Yep, it’s a song about heartbreak, cheating and jealousy, but don’t read too much into the lyrics – not every song has to be about how in love you guys are. Quite simply, this song goes off. By the time the chorus kicks in, dance floor energy levels will be hitting new highs.

’I Like It’ by Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin: I had to throw something new in here……even though in 3 months this song will be sooooooo 3 months ago. I ain’t gonna lie – it took me a minute to warm to Cardi B, but she hooked me with this one. If RnB is going down a treat on the dance floor (as it so often does) then this little number goes hard. ‘I Like It’ has a latin vibe to it, so it’s a very timely release following the popularity of ‘Despacito’.

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Tip One: 

While it helps if you like all the songs in your playlist – consider your guests. There can be so much value in tolerating a song you’re not a fan of IF it means packing your dance floor. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to roll your eyes along to ‘Loveshack’. But keep in mind who is going to be on the dance floor and what they will enjoy.

Tip Two:

The right song at the right time is super important, but if you want your dance floor to truly go off, then lead the charge. Hands down, the best dance floors I ever see have a bride and groom right there in middle of them….or crowd surfing on top of them. You can chit chat to everyone anytime, make the most of your chance to dance with your favourite people at your wedding.


So there you have it… the secret recipe to getting your dance floor pumping thanks to Aaron from Cut A Rug! *Got to run… we’re off on a mission to get invited to a wedding that Aaron is DG’ing at.

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