The Fashion at A Darling Affair

Aside from the two spectacular fashion shows on the day, we also had a lot of other bridal fashion on show at our Sunshine Coast Fair – and not just for the ladies either!  If you didn’t get a chance to see what our creative and unique fashion stars were offering up on the day then fear not Darling – here is a little recap in images to get you through your day.

Thanks to When Elephant Met Zebra for the photos below featuring the stalls from Begitta, Urbanna, Judy Copley, Ivie White and the very cool Cooper Brothers.


ADASC2014-084 ADASC2014-276 ADASC2014-277 ADASC2014-326 ADASC2014-327 ADASC2014-427 ADASC2014-432 ADASC2014-443 ADASC2014-448


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