The Celebration Fair!

Hello there darlings! We have another announcement for you…

Well, you know that we are lovers of all things celebratory, and our Wedding and Events fair in September had a lovely line up of vendors that cater to all special occasions – indeed “something for all occasions”. Coming into 2013, we are taking our love of weddings to two locations, and two lovely venues – but we felt we simply couldn’t fit our BIG love of a good ol’ party along side our wedding vendors in such lovely intimate venues.

So, at the beginning of October, we made a decision to take a leap and create an entirely new kind of an event – A Celebration Fair! Our celebration fair is dedicated entirely to all the party people out there! We have booked a BIG lovely venue – the Lake Kawana Community Centre, and we plan to have a BIG number of vendors, BIG entertainment, and a BIG crowd of party people to enjoy the day!

Did we mention it will be BIG???!!!!

We are so excited! So party people and party suppliers alike, SAVE THE DATE: March 16th 2013. Be there or be square.

What a fantastic way for A Darling Affair to kick of a new year!

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  1. This sounds like a different kind of event, and lots of fun, I would be interested in performing with my band & getting.some more info how to apply. Cheers Sam

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