We’ve found that beautiful handmade jeweller you’ve been looking for

Supposedly men spend around one to three months hunting down that perfect engagement ring! Our tip, highlight this article and leave it somewhere super obvious and save everyone some time. Ok, so subtlety is not a strong suit of ours, but who doesn’t love someone confident in what they want!

But seriously, the incredible duo, Mark and Rox from Mark Neil Jewellers are some of our absolute favourites. Lovingly handmade, beautiful and functional pieces of jewellery, that are also uniquely feminine and edgy. Line them up for a custom designed engagement ring and perfectly matched wedding bands and while you’re at it, some stunning pieces for your Bridesmaids. Nothing says ‘Thank you for standing by me in my slightly obsessive bridezilla moments’  quite like gorgeous jewellery.

Here are a few of our favourites, and we will no doubt be found drooling over more of them at our Brisbane Fair coming up on November 17.

Photo by Dani Drury Photographer