Sweet Treats

These two sweet treat suppliers are any but average. Our guests at The Brisbane Wedding Fair didn’t just buy one flavour but several and some of these treats were taken home to be devoured later.


Yummi Fruit Ice-CreameryThese guys were soooo popular because of the crazy heat that was radiating outside, that they were selling out of flavours one by one through out the day, so much so that some of the Darling team members missed out all together on getting one of these popsicles in our mouth. We hope our guests enjoyed them and could give us a review of their favourite flavour so we can get one next time.

But never fear we did taste their real fruit ice creams and that truly satisfied us and kept us going through out the busy day’s event.

Make sure you track their movements down as Yummi Fruit Ice-Creamery are found at local fairs and markets across town. With gourmet ice blocks in the flavours of Lychee Coconut, Strawberry Bitters, Salted Caramel Chocolate Banana, just to name a few, you will no doubt be wanting to try them all!

yummi fruit ice-creamery 2 yummi fruit ice-creamery 3


I Heart Brownies has given time and dedication to mastering the perfect brownie. There’s nothing more upsetting than biting into a brownie and it ends up being a standard chocolate cake. Check out these ingredients for quality: Belgian black cocoa, couverture chocolate, free-range eggs, QLD cane sugar, Australian butter and gluten-free flour.

i heart brownies 1There are so many flavours that it’s hard to choose just one, so why should you? Why not test taste them all for your wedding reception favours. There’s choc orange, turkish delight, the standard chocolate and my personal favourite choc mint, plus many more!

I Heart Brownies have already catered for over 50 weddings and would love to provide their brownies for yours!

i heart brownies 2 i heart brownies 3



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