For those of you who regularly follow A Darling Affair, you’ll know that we are all self confessed stationery addicts.   There is just something about that crisp, fresh papery goodness that gets us every time.   The prints, the foils, the invites, the calligraphy, the hand-drawn illustrations – we love it ALL.

We had some incredible Stationer’s displaying their goods at our Brisbane Fair and some of you took advantage of the opportunity to buy some of their prints and take them home to pretty-up your walls (we are also guilty of this… our walls are so much lovelier thanks to our stationers!).

Now introducing three of the amazingly talented stationers who graced our studios on the day of our Brisbane Fair…


Justine from Chase The Sun Designs set up a BEAUTIFUL stall just inside the doors in Studio One.  She is a calligrapher, specialising in modern calligraphy & chalkboard lettering art, event stationery designer, and all round crafty and very lovely person.

She did an incredible job bringing her stall to life and it got lots of attention from Brides and Grooms on the day of the fair.  Check out some of the pics below.

ADA-BNE-2015-S1-054 ADA-BNE-2015-S1-056 ADA-BNE-2015-S1-058



Jackie from With Love SD is someone we LOVE seeing at our fairs.  She is happy, relaxed, artistic, creative and always has a beautiful smile for us.  Her range of ready-made and custom designed wedding stationery always makes us stop in our tracks… we usually spend a good part of our day at her stall figuring out which pieces we want to buy and take home with us…

Jackie put together a gorgeous stall in Studio Two on the day of our fair and we love looking back at these images and remembering all the prettiness brought to life…

ADA-BNE-2015-S2-010 ADA-BNE-2015-S2-013 ADA-BNE-2015-S2-014



Oh my goodness we LOVE Kylie and her range of awesome tote bags and screen printed goodness… We’ve commissioned her in the past to help with our own A Darling Affair tote bags and one of our Darling’s also purchased a Bridal Range from her to gift her Bridesmaids at her own wedding.

She is a creative genius and all of her totes are handmade and unique and beautiful.  But guys she doesn’t just make sweet totes and screen prints, she is also insanely talented and creates the most beautiful stationery and invitation ranges too… definitely worth checking out her website!

ADA-BNE-2015-VO-107 ADA-BNE-2015-VO-109 ADA-BNE-2015-VO-111

For more ideas and inspo check out the BRISBANE DIRECTORY and have a peek at our other Stationers…

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