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Something that gets our pumping at A Darling Affair HQ is one simple thing.


We love people who know the right words to say.

We also love stationery and the feeling you get when you receive a beautifully crafted invitation with something deep and meaningful written on it or just to know someone thought enough to say ‘hey I think your fantastic and I want to you to come celebrate our special day with us’.

To receive a wedding invitation is real honour. It will capture you recipients attention in the mailbox mixed in with all the bills we all usually get delivered.

So make a statement so they won’t forget to RSVP with these wonderful craftswomen who are passionate about words and design.


The Spoken Shop is all about letting the words sink in deep. We absolutely adore their beautifully handcrafted plywood boards that leave us feeling at peace every time we look at them. We find it really difficult to blog about them as we are so busy reading every single one of their quotes.

The great thing is that they are also sentimental. You can add your wedding date to it and hang it in your home OR if you have a gift registry, sneakily pop it on your wish list.

Once you have seen these beautiful keepsakes you will be hooked. One of the ADA team members already has 2 hanging in her home and I am yet to decide which one I’m going to purchase. Too many to choose from!

With divine colours and a smooth texture you will find them hard to resist.




With an explosion of colour Kelly from Coco Bride certainly knew how to capture our attention. Her display in the hall at The Chapel Woombye was like a mexican fiesta had hit town. Bright , bold and captivating! If you want some one to help give a great first impression when your guest opens their invitation, then Kelly is your lady!

With her diverse designs, Kelly works 100% to meet the style and personalities of the loved up couples that she creates invitation suites for. Kelly thinks outside the box and will not give you a standard black and white creation, if it is black and white it with be done with flair.

Just check out the images below and you’ll see what we mean!

P.S. Kelly is the lady on the left xx

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This lovely lady just can’t get enough of A Darling Affair and came to all 3 darling events this year. Each time she had a different hair colour and also a different set of artworks and stationery sets to display. Justine is one of our faves.

Justine is such a delight to work with and we highly recommend her. Justine’s personality is infectious and inspiring much like beautiful words she lovingly and carefully writes.

Specialising in calligraphy and chalk boarding, Justine has huge collections of quotes that will pull at you and your guests your heart strings. If your paying money for invitations make sure people want to hold on to it and not throw them in the bin. Justine creates keepsakes not mere place cards






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