Stationers at A Darling Affair

We have something we need to admit to… over here at ADA HQ we are all stationery addicts.  It’s true.  If we’re not working hard at bringing wedding fairs to life then you can usually find us scouring the net and our local shops for all kinds of wonderful stationery. We own more stationery than the normal person would ever probably need.  But we wouldn’t have it any other way.   The Stationers who we had lined up for our recent Sunshine Coast fair REALLY made us excited.  They all ooze with uniqueness and creativity… they had so much pretty on display that it was a bit of a sensory overload for us…

Without further adieu we’d love to show off some photos (thanks When Elephant Met Zebra!) of the amazing stalls created by Maytide, Gemma Lauren Invitations, With Love Stationery and Design and Cartamodello.


ADASC2014-032 ADASC2014-037 ADASC2014-096 ADASC2014-103 ADASC2014-245 ADASC2014-246 ADASC2014-385 ADASC2014-386



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