Sometimes we find vendors who offer something so unique and so special that we just can’t slot them into any old category… so we created one especially for these guys and decided to just let their uniqueness shine on through!

Weddings are all about the finer details… the simple, yet breathtaking touches that help you show off your personality and style.  You don’t want your wedding to look exactly like anyone else’s – you want it to be a reflection of who you guys are and what you love about life and each other.

There were three beautiful vendors at our Brisbane Fair who specialise in helping your own unique personalities shine on your big day by offering up gorgeous wares for you to show off (or gift) to your guests on the day.  They all did a fantastic job at bringing their stalls to life and showcasing what they can do to help you make your wedding a reflection of you.


We loooooooove hanging out with Dani from Fair Light Blessed.  She is one of those crazy, fun, artistic types and her passion just happens to be pottering around in her gorgeous garden.

These days, she’s known as “The Cactus Lady” and is slightly obsessed with succulents.  She pots them up in the most gorgeous little vessels and then sells and hires them to people who want to use them as decorative features OR as very unique and long lasting thank you gifts for your wedding guests.   Fair Light Blessed offers a huge variety of options including potted organic herbs, succulents & seed pots.  All orders are custom to suit you, your theme and colours.  Perfect!

We loved the living stall that Dani created at our fair – take a look at what she did with her space!
ADA-BNE-2015-VO-019 ADA-BNE-2015-VO-026 ADA-BNE-2015-VO-030



There is nothing worse than going to all the effort of having gorgeous styling at your wedding, only to set it off with boring, tarnished, ugly cutlery that some catering teams provide.  For those of us who are all about the finer details, you’ll love these new guys on the block.  They have a range of insanely beautiful gold cutlery for hire in 4 different shades of gold.

Tash is just gorgeous too and you’ll love working with her!  She put together a beautiful display out in our gardens at the Brisbane Fair.

ADA-BNE-2015-VO-138 ADA-BNE-2015-VO-135 ADA-BNE-2015-VO-136



Brooke from Vessel & Vine certainly has an eye for the beautiful things in life.  She creates extraordinary hand made homewares and decorations which can make your wedding come to life right in front of people’s eyes.  And the bonus is that once you’ve used her beautiful vessels at your wedding, you get to take them home and pretty-up your house with them too!  The gift that keeps on giving…

We were super impressed with the gorgeous display Brooke created for you guys to feast on at our fair!  We also saw lots of you stocking up your goodie bags with some of the beautiful creations she had for sale that day – good work team!

If you missed out on coming to the fair then don’t panic, we have some photos of Vessel and Vine for you right here…

ADA-BNE-2015-VO-070 ADA-BNE-2015-VO-069 ADA-BNE-2015-VO-068


For some more information and inspo, head right on over to our BRISBANE DIRECTORY.

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