Finding the perfect wedding photographer has never been easier. With some of Queenland’s best photographers on display, the last Brisbane Wedding Festival was packed to the brim with talent.

Just a handful of our awesome vendors, their images perfectly capture the love and happiness that shines on a couples special day.



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A lovely English lass, now residing in Brisbane, Jo Bartholomew’s love for photography started after her move here to Australia. With a desire to document her new home and adventures, her darling Husband surprised her with her first camera and photography lessons. Starting with portraits and working on to weddings, Jo’s love of photography has continued to grow and you can see that in her work.

Shooting her images in a candid, documentary style, she is passionate about taking photographs that tell the authentic story of your wedding day.  Jo brings her friendly, creative personality into her business, both in the way that she shoots and also in the easy, unobtrusive way that she interacts with couples.



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The original Jessie Dains was a shy, lovely woman who taught those around her the importance of love, family and friends. So when Josh and Shannon were searching for the perfect name for their new business, it was only natural for them to name it after Shannon’s late Grandmother Jessie.

Being in operation since 2013, they aim to think differently. The quote “One day forever”, has become synonymous with their business. Knowing that your wedding is only going to happen once in your lifetime and that your day will live on forever through their photographs, they strive to make your experience as magical as possible.



lyndal_carmichael2DVVBBjg5HzLqGhzp1bJcYcmdgeouWXWegW2ZVIRLYAs emYaJeSaYMaoTZJ3opRso8yPfWo3okkHSKf90OPPSXg,COe1YALGTpIbewCdRx3bkF6VhMhxA5eW1ANui6c4-qo iXOcHfC5D2DS3875tNKLW2m64-383S35H5jCdAF3rGU NWOfs_5iF3Wz1cmq1MoTHrBR4o7cigaVOrkF17raysQ,iKGKc48Ky4AU7896PKox4kx4jzv-eKSSD87SznDr2gM,QvdQYzAKEXgoLS629yvGe6j3g08Ox1kYexvxnOiR2Ms,W-Y79nI-IZEWQWKZzthKOLdWz98Icv7fnPfUL6zLjC

Lyndal Carmichael’s love for photography started young. Fumbling around with old film cameras during art class in high school ignited her thrill for taking photos. Not long after, she set up her business and at seventeen booked in her first wedding shoot (umm…WOW!) After completing her BFA in Visual Arts, she soon discovered that her part-time hobby would turn into a successful full-time career.

Being a newly-wed herself, Lyndal knows how important it is to catch those candid moments and bring real emotion to her images. Lyndal Carmichael Photography aims to insure that couples can look back at their photos, not just seeing what the day looked like, but feeling the emotions all over again.



alyce_colette1 alyce_colette210419996_1020152634666134_3400918684499112150_n AOFTZaZI48LMCkcBrDUXhlmLbQT8NQH-3R3cH9C8qPE,wg2eGjSQ__wBCZkOGsRZHr54_ZxNED_UJUnvfqVknPE,AG9svtHWfCPtI7awXacfwRmOlNiNMJElVR82DfGwwUs,Hec45-Z5Kqr2HlTpOK7_iqbNGaKA5TSBhoiH86DMR8 RAyK2FODcVR6oJejLNZB3RW0YyUyHH5aah9-m5BAphQ,YWPpXt35W3ZT_l3AYbECUabZalTf_h8KL3UyDas_fUM,tNCyWxl7oTcWw_6yJirejNjKlYMiZLCmTQ7QNS9hXpA,qhYkRTx4Cgd9woNSk-Sn3tlU9SPn0wvmoW2WOUF91f

Self proclaimed sisters from other misters, Alyce and Colette are the ultimate photography team.

Describing their work as a joy-filled job, these high school besties are able to work in efficient harmony, allowing couples to enjoy quiet moments together on their wedding day. Both recently married, they know how important it is to honour their clients and support them along their planning journey.

Alyce and Colette Photographers thrive on authenticity and connection. Constantly striving to induce goosebumps, happy tears and laughter from their work, both as they are shooting and when people see their images. Believing that their work as wedding photographers is a privilege, they feel humbled to be asked into a couples intimate moments, documenting images in a family’s collective history.


Event images thanks to Rob and Lizzie

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