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Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast’s Hinterland, Bonnie’s work is concerned with what lies in the peripheral vision of the everyday, observing the beauty and intrigue of the multi- faceted environment that surrounds us.

She draws inspiration by the combination of nature and the lens, exposing the wonder within nature. This fascination with shifts in perspectives, explains her attachment to the mediums of photography and video.

Both mediums are used to represent reality yet simultaneously have the ability to undermine this visual ‘reality’ by using in-camera techniques and minimal post-production. It’s all about appreciating the very real environment we live in and the magic of the optical instrument at capturing these elements in a unique but very real way.


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Luke Going is an incredible wedding photographer who’s interest in photography began in the dark room at high school, almost 20 years ago.

After leaving school he realised his dream of working for National Geographic, traversing the globe, photographing the people of this planet.

Wedding photography proved to draw all the elements he loved in photography together – journalism, fashion, art and portraiture – and through this he formed his own incredible way of documenting these amazing events.

After beginning to shoot weddings on a regular basis Luke became more and more aware of what an incredible privilege it is to be witnessing such celebration, such devotion, and such emotion as regularly as he did.

“It is truly the greatest honour to photograph two best friends, surrounded by their most cherished loved ones, on the happiest day of their lives.”

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