fergus and the cat 3‘Hand crafted unisex bow ties that blend timeless style with cheeky attitude’ is a saying that Fergus and the Cat has adopted to describe the awesome pieces that she creates. Not only for men, these bow ties can be for your furry little friends (dogs and cats) who are a big part of some people’s family and also your little ring bearers who will walk down the isle with you.

Made with wonderfully sourced fabrics and very easy to fit with a leather strap to secure it rather than fiddling around and getting flustered, your fiance will be happy that you choose something easy for them to wear instead of having to get each side of the bow perfectly aligned.

The great thing is you can use these bow ties over and over again and they are a great addition to your wardrobe for special events or just to add to a cool collared shirt.

fergus and the cat 2 fergus and the cat 5 fergus and the cat 4




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