WEMZWhen Elephant Met Zebra got it’s name from the two lovebirds behind the scenes of the business. Brian’s favourite animal is the elephant and his wife Sheena absolutely loves zebra’s.

Brian has a team of fine art film wedding photographers based in Brisbane, but they regularly travel all over Australia and internationally to photograph beautiful weddings.

WEMZ 3WEMZ 2Rather than documenting a wedding with thousands of randomly captured pictures, WEMZ craft images of life, movement and emotion with the subtle touch of the artist’s hand.

Considering an entire collection of stylised photographs as a representation of the couples special day, they comprehensively design imagery using fashion and editorial photography techniques, while still remaining fluid enough to show the wild emotional component of a wedding.

You will see Brian with his band of merry men photographers snapping pictures left right and centre at the fair on Saturday, as they are our official event photographers. So don’t forget to put on a bit of lippy and a rockin’ hair style, you may just be featured on our blog 🙂


Ryder 1Ryder always loved photography but never thought he would become a wedding photographer until he was a second shooter at a wedding with his mate and since then he was hooked and has never looked back!

Ryder 2Ryder 3

Ryder produces wedding photography that captures your most natural self, the joyful, teary and unscripted moments. He’s all about caoturing what’s important to you as a couple.

As an all day wedding photographer Ryder Evans does this so he can tell the complete story of your day, stating as early as you like and will be there right up until you leave the reception, because after all that’s where the party begins, right?!



studio 60 2Studio Sixty Photography like the quote “from little things big things grow” to describe their photography business. 20 years old and still loving every minute of it.

They keep things simple so their service provides ‘the best photography with a smile’. This husband and wife team Sally and Jason are fun to be around and have great personalities. They are very personable and lovely. Scouts honour – we’re not lying.

WEMZ 4studio 60 4

Ahhhh we love these photographers to bits and we know you will too. We never get tired of chatting to these fine folk.  Come and meet them all in person at The Brisbane Wedding Fair on Saturday xx




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