It is very awkward on your wedding day if the photographer behind the lense doesn’t feel like your buddy and is saying ‘cheese’ or ‘come on give me a smile’ all day.

You need to feel relaxed, comfortable and natural and also have a bucket load of fun along the way. Let’s face it, you will probably spend more time with the photographer the whole day than any other person on your guest list.

We carefully select our photographers not only based on their outstanding flawless images but also their creative flair and the charismatic personalities they have that make you just feel like they’ve been your friend for-ev-er.

You’ll understand what we mean when you see the images below as taken by When Elephant Met Zebra at The Brisbane Wedding Fair.


Shane Shepherd awesome

Shane Shepherd is just awesome. He knows what love is all about and it oozes from him any time he is around his wife and little family. He has great passion for what he does and is kind, gentle and feels like your big brother helping you along and watching over you on your wedding day. Oh and did we mention he is tons of fun too?!

He is the photographer that will document every special moment of your wedding day and the connection you have with your loved ones including your better half.

shane shepherd 1 shane shepherd 2 Shane shepherd 3


Tricia King we love her hair style, her clothes and her personality, however we LOVE her photography and have been secretly wanting to have her at one of our wedding fairs for a long time and our wish finally came true.

Your wish of a great photographer at your wedding can certainly be granted as well. Tricia is VERY creative and loves a good party. If you head over the her website you will see all the ahmazing couples that she has had the opportunity to work with and she draws you in with not only her picture taking but also her story telling.

She loves people being their own individual selves and representing that on their wedding day.

Tricia King 1 Tricia King 2 Tricia King 3 Tricia King 4


We truly wish we could put this lovely couple in our back pocket and carry them around all day with us and pull them out when we need a happiness boost. This husband and wife duo – Anthony & Kim –  are just so endearing, funny and caring, basically every quality that you want in a photographer to help you enjoy your day.

They capture all the fun, intimate, natural moments during your wedding day celebrations. They know what love is, and because of that they know how to capture it in the most candid moments.

lover of mine 1 lover of mine 2California wedding photographer bohemian barn




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