Photographers at A Darling Affair

We were SO excited to showcase our Sunshine Coast Photographers this year… these guys are the cream of the crop and we couldn’t be happier to have welcomed them into the A Darling Affair family.  We’ve heard that lots of you have booked your photographer from our fair – woohoo!  If you are still looking, then stop everything right now and check out the websites of these superstars… we promise you’ll love them as much as we do!

Thanks to When Elephant Met Zebra for photos of their own stall (haha) along with the great photos from the stalls of Ryder Evans, Willow and Sage, Studio Sixty Photography and Shane Shepherd.

ADASC2014-001 ADASC2014-016 ADASC2014-067 ADASC2014-069 ADASC2014-106 ADASC2014-107 ADASC2014-219 ADASC2014-221 ADASC2014-422 ADASC2014-426



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