Check the photos out here!

Coming with rad backgrounds some incredible lighting and some of the most unique props we’ve ever seen The Photo Booth Collective is a super fun, stylish, fully open air photo booth with Ring Flash lighting which is designed to bring out the best in every face!

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Check the photos out here!

Mavis is a rad 1950’s vintage caravan that comes equipped with an automatic photo booth, props, record player, records, BOSE speakers and iPod station! I mean what more could you ask for seriously! You’ll be trying hard to pry any guest from this incredible space.

ADA-SC-2015-03-002 ADA-SC-2015-03-011 ADA-SC-2015-03-012




Check the photos out here!

There’s nothing worse than a photo booth sticking out like a sore thumb or not gelling with your theme so lucky  with Flash Pod Photo Booths you won’t have a worry in their world with their booths ability to camouflage to suit any setting! Not only does it fit in seamlessly with any setting it also takes fantastic high quality images that will keep guests of all ages occupied!

ADA-SC-2015-04-104 ADA-SC-2015-04-105 ADA-SC-2015-04-106 ADA-SC-2015-04-107

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