Photo Booth Madness!

To send you into the weekend we thought we’d get into party mode. Photo booth’s are the icebreaker for your darling guests.

Watch them transform from timidly finding their seat at the table seated next to a stranger to bosom buddies by the end of the night.

Look at the tom foolery that went on at the Wedding Festival. It never hurts to prep yourself and steal a pose from one of these guys below!

WARNING! What happens in the booth DOESN’T stay in the booth.

The PhotoBooth Guys

photobooth guys 1 photobooth guys 2 photobooth guys 3 photobooth guys 4 photobooth guys 5 photobooth guys 6 photobooth guys 7 photobooth guys 8 photobooth guys 11 photobooth guys 12


Check out their awesome on the spot instaprinta!

photobooth guys insta print

Visit The Photobooth Guys Website…you won’t be able to watch their film only once…we watched it once..twice and mmmm maybe three times!

Have a rockin’ weekend all you brides and grooms to be!


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