The Perfect Pop Up Bar for your Unique Venue

You’ve found it! That elusive, unique venue for your big day! It might be a remote rolling field, or an urban abandoned warehouse or maybe a beloved family property. It’s booked in, checked off the to-do list and surely everything else kind of falls into place now?

Well, along with the many joys associated with unique ‘non-traditional’ venues, certain tasks are now added. And one common logistical nightmare is the coordination of the BYO bar. Many many questions start to arise.

How and where to set it up? Does it need power access? Fridge? Freezer? How much wine, beer, spirits do we need? Oh and glasses too! And who do we get to serve the drinks? Don’t forget the ice… wait, what if we run out of ice?! Or beer? Who does the unlucky task of fetching more ice and beer mid-party?

Many questions and even more potential pitfalls.

And this is where Gathering Events enters stage left and quite literally saves the show! They are the answer to your logistical prayers! A Boutique BYO Mobile Bar Service who’s motto reads, ‘You provide the drinks, we take care of the rest!’

From Caravan Bars, to Coffee Carts to Pop Up Whisky Bars, Gathering Events know what they are doing and more importantly, know exactly what you need! Husband and wife team Jen and Adam are passionate about creating good old fashioned times, with fun and fresh twist with their pop up bars.

Available in a myriad of styles and colours, you can be sure to find the bar to match the styling of your wedding. The best part is, we have had the pleasure of working with Gathering Events on multiple occasions now, and we can assure you their team goes about everything they do with a smile.

Have a look for yourself, and come visit them for a closer look at our Brisbane Fair on November 17.

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