If you’ve been around us long enough you’ve definitely heard us sing the praises of this incredible photographer! And we’ve made our love for his photography quite evident because we continue to work with him from our promotional photoshoots, to the photography on the day of our fairs!

Brian’s passion from film photography is one of many things that sets him apart from the crowd and gives his photography a beautiful timeless feel.

This guy loves what he does and never settles for second best when it comes to getting amazing images of his couples. His combination of fine art and editorial style has us constantly crying out for more!

In addition to all that he’s an all round great guy who’s tonnes of fun to hang out with so none of that awkward small chat, we promise!

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Elisa from Pineapple Images loves a relaxed romantic style of photography, and her personality reflects that in a very big way!

And what more could you ask for from a photographer than the ability to help you feel relaxed and take the most gorgeous natural photos possible?

When hiring or meeting Pineapple Images not only are you assured an excellent photography but also potentially a lifelong friend!

Her couples could not speak more highly of her from “You are an incredible photographer and just a beautiful person.” to praising her for her support and friendship throughout the day!

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Take one look at Prue’s stunning stall, her gorgeous website or most importantly her incredible photography and her flare for the aesthetic is quite clear!

Prue puts a huge emphasis on getting to know the couple and making sure she understands what you want out of your wedding photography,to us this is amazing and so important.

So if you got to meet Prue at the fair you’re already one step ahead but if not we highly suggest you get in touch with her!

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