Our Spectacular Stylists

When it comes to styling your big day the options are endless!

Long gone are the traditional cookie-cutter weddings, these days it’s about pumping as much of your personality into your special day as humanly possible! If we’re passionate about something it’s how important it is for your wedding to resemble you and it’s just your luck that you’ll be surrounded by countless options on the night of The Wedding Festival! From retro furniture through to gorgeous greenery we have you sorted!

Excuse our bias but great things happen when these guys collaborate and for a little proof of that head to our latest promotional shoot!


Retro in the rough 2

Retro in the Rough 3 retro in the rough 5
Retro in the rough is a Gold Coast based business who is passionate about bringing a little bit of retro to your big day, they have a treasure trove of retro pieces that are bound to bring something extra special, with a sense of hip, nostalgic-cool, that is truly unique.


The Borrowed Nursery came to life one morning over coffee and is the brain child of Gold Coast based Lauren & Lauren!

They specialise in providing plants for all kinds of events and beautifully considered spaces as well as stocking a bespoke range of of potted plants. So if you’re wondering how to bring your special day to life look no further!

The Borrowed Nursery is located in the same neighbourhood as our amazing Wedding Festival venue, Rabbit and Cocoon so if you’re in the area be sure to pay them a visit!

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