Lark Music tailors their set to what you want to hear to make sure your special occasion is the perfect event. Acoustic ceremonies, dance-filled weddings, fancy cocktail parties and big band gala events they do it all! With Lark you can choose the size of the band you want, the instruments you’d love to hear and your favourite singer from their small, talented group – all with their own style! Check out some of their amazing sets HERE!  ADA-GC-00-045 ADA-GC-00-047


Hamilton band is available in a duo configuration right through to a 7-piece ensemble. These guys can boast having some of Brisbane’s best musicians and singers on hand to entertain you and your guests at your next event. You can hear some of their sets HERE! ADA-GC-00-199 ADA-GC-00-026 ADA-GC-00-200                                                                                                   ADA-GC-00-201


Velvet Martini are an eclectic party band made up of some of the Gold Coast’s finest musicians. They are young, exciting, energetic and can create the right atmosphere for any Dance, Funk, Jazz, R’n’B, Acoustic, Lounge or Rock party. They engage audiences with their class and perfect blend of vintage and current music. With an ever evolving repertoire and a healthy dose of spontaneity, their live shows are perfect for any wedding, corporate ball, private function, club, bar or restaurant. Anything from a solo act to an 8 piece band is available on request. Check them out HERE! ADA-GC-00-032

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